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Plastic Nev
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  • Hi Nev

    In regard to the firewall thing. As a member I would have given the same advice to disable the Windows firewall. But I guess I'm a little shell shocked after reading the rules in regard to Microsoft related issues. Good advice and take care.
    I do hope you forgive me for intruding but I just wandered through our site here and, for the life of me, couldn't figure out where to add something regarding a 'Network Diagnostic Tool'.

    I know there is other sites that test the speed, but I wonder if you feel the below site that allows one to make various tests would be helpful to anyone?

    1.Network Diagnostic Tool
    2.Network Path and Application Diagnosis (NPAD)
    3.Test if your ISP is manipulating BitTorrent traffic

    It's located at:

    Measurement Lab - online tools for testing

    Hoping you are well and happy, kind man!
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