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Recent content by Vr5fx

  1. Vr5fx

    Is it worth Me buying this?

    Windows 8 has been out for a while now, so all major problems should be solved. You can also change the UI to look like Windows 7. That laptop will and should play YouTube videos with any problems, will be fine for internet browsing, work documents and "basic" games.
  2. Vr5fx

    [Solved] Second HDD - Foreign - XP Pro - XP Home – Pentium 4, 3.4 GHz

    Anything with a 478 socket would work, that are similar specs to yours. This should be okay: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/intel-pentium-4-socket-478-prescott-core-28ghz-512kb-l2-cache-69w-oem -Vr
  3. Vr5fx

    [ Solved ] DELL PC will not work

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. The message "closing down to prevent damage" from my knowledge only occurs if your PC is overheating, generally the CPU. If the CPU gets above 90 Celsius (ish) most computers and laptops will auto shut down to prevent damage, or further damage. This is caused by...
  4. Vr5fx

    GPU reccomendation

    A GTX 660 would be an average upgrade. Nothing too serious but should suit your needs well. Something like this. http://www.ebuyer.com/396967-gigabyte-gv-n660oc-2gd-660-gv-n660oc-2gd The 660 is now an average video card. Mine was nearly twice the price on release. -Vr
  5. Vr5fx

    Favourite Android Apps

    Advanced task killer. MX Player... I have to say I am really disappointed in my Galaxy S3... Really slow and frustrating sometimes. Even with nothing running.
  6. Vr5fx

    PC build help needed

    Hi. Having a £1000 price tag doesn't mean much. I am more than happy to dig around but I would look away on building your first own for 1k. You can get decent "pre-built" by companies, but do you need the whole setup? Like a monitor, mouse/keyboard, speakers, or a desk/chair? If those are...
  7. Vr5fx

    Will this graphics card work with my PC?

    As long as you have a 500w+ PSU in your PC you shouldn't run into any problems. -Vr
  8. Vr5fx

    xbox controller for pc

    In order for a wireless controller to work, you need the wireless adapter. These come in many shapes and forms, sometimes these wont install properly. But would come up with a message saying "Drive not installed properly" The play and charge kit won't work if your using a cable for the wireless...
  9. Vr5fx

    Can i run this graphics card?

    No. Intel and AMD need different types of mother board. The AMD 6-core will need a AM3 socket type, which is what you have listed. The Intel i5 need a LGA 1150 socket type. -Vr
  10. Vr5fx

    Can i run this graphics card?

    Yup, that motherboard will take that CPU. -Vr
  11. Vr5fx

    Revving sound coming from power cell

    Just to clear up first, Powercell = PSU? If you replaced the PSU, this shouldn't be the cause of the problem. A revving sound in my experience is a fan issue, and then no display as well as the noise may indicate a graphics card issue, if you have one installed. Are you able to check all...
  12. Vr5fx

    Can you guys take a look at my build and see if there's any red flags?

    Yeah, all looks sweet. Clearly it's a gaming build, so personally that case is too small and the PSU may not be reliable enough for what it will run. I would spend a little more on case and PSU. The case is going to have a lot of hot running parts inside, so the larger the case the better the...
  13. Vr5fx

    Final Gaming PC Build

    Got a PM asking to take a look. Replied via PM. -Vr
  14. Vr5fx

    How much is my pc worth?

    In my honest opinion, it wouldn't be worth the hassle trying to sell it. You would be better off keeping it as a spare. You would fetch very little for it, in the current market.
  15. Vr5fx

    The Photo Thread

    That is pretty awesome, Nev. :) I went out bashing with my RC buggy with a mate. Yeah it was pretty awful to clean lol. Should have stopped off at a jet wash on the way home.
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