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    Two free glossy computer guides - The Telegraph, UK

    Hello, We were contacted today by The Telegraph (UK broadsheet newspaper) who gave us a heads up that they will be giving away two free "Confident Computing" guides inside the Telegraph this weekend (March 19th and 20th). You can find out more information on The Telegraphs website or by...
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    New to Free PC Help? - Forum Rules

    By registering at Free PC Help you agree to the following rules. Please do take notice of these rules and follow them. Simply ignoring these rules will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to temporary account ban, permanent account ban, account deletion and thread/post...
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    New to Free PC Help? - A helpful guide

    Welcome to FreePCHelp.co.uk - we're here to help with your pc problems! New around here? If this is the first time you have visited FreePCHelp.co.uk then this is the guide for you. We will go over a few simple steps to help you get you on your way to finding answers to your questions. 1...
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    Google Chrome commands

    Hi key_man10, As far as I am aware there is no "about:config" section in Google Chrome. There is however a whole list of other info/option pages spread out over a number of pages. Try some of these commands in the URL bar - obviously please proceed with caution and make sure you backup...
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    Sorry but these changes are appalling!

    Barry, Some facts and notes about your comments. I hope they help your concerns. The upgrade has been to the software, the previous "skin" would no longer work with this version thus the default skin has been activated. There are less adverts on this version of the website than the previous -...
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    Permission to come aboard

    Hey, Welcome to the site! :)
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    Hey, Welcome to Free PC Help :) Please do ask away, we love to help :P
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    Hey, Welcome to Free PC Help :)
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    On to State!!!

    Aww Congrats Bonnie :) You must be very proud.
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    Error Loading dll32 and can't connect

    Negatives, Please try the suggestions on this link. Your problem is exactly the same as this users and we have been able to resolve the problem on this thread. http://www.freepchelp.co.uk/forum/windows-2000-and-xp/6236-cant-connect-internet.html
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    Can't Connect To The Internet

    Hey, Glad you have Internet Explorer working now :) In regards to the other issue please have a look at this thread: http://www.freepchelp.co.uk/forum/windows-vista/6161-error-loading-dll32.html I would first try and follow Maynards method which can be found here...
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    Can't Connect To The Internet

    Hey, Glad you got it working.. Try the following in Internet Explorer: Click Tools and then click Internet Options Click the Connections tab Then click LAN Settings. Make sure that "Use a proxy server for your LAN...." and "Use automatic configuration script" are UNCHECKED Then ensure...
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    Hey Jif, Welcome to the Forums. Enjoy your stay. Mike
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    Please look after me :-)

    Hey Scarlett, Welcome to the forums! :) Enjoy your stay. Mike
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    Can't Connect To The Internet

    You could try a different browser Angelbab, this will eliminate the possibility of corrupt or miss configured Internet Explorer. Try firefox: Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable
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    Looking for help -

    Hey, Welcome to Free PC Help! Enjoy your stay =]
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    hi,from a newbie

    Hey, Welcome to Free PC Help. Enjoy your stay :) Mike
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    Two Big Problems..

    Glad you have got it sorted! =] I also like your *Virtual squeeeeze* that you gave to Bob.. Made me laugh. :)
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    hi new to site

    Hey Joosh Welcome to Free PC Help :) Mike
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    i st time at site

    Hey, Welcome to Free PC Help. =] I hate vista, hence why i have a Mac. xD Enjoy your stay, Mike