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  1. J

    Cant open Internet explorer

    I am having a problem trying to open IE when I click on the IE icon I get the "" help.
  2. J

    [Solved]Need help with possible adware problem

    I have an ad blocker and I scan with mbam and windows defender regular but I am still getting these pop ups . They really come a lot if I try to copy and paste a link . Help.
  3. J

    [Solved] Computer keep asking for password.

    Hi to all, I am having a problem with my computer. I have it set up so I don't have to enter a password when I turn it on. I just started using Outlook and now when I turn it on it wants a password. I am also seeing two users but I am the only one using this computer. Would a system restore...
  4. J

    Problem with system restore points.

    Hi to all, I am having a problem with system restore, I don't have any restore points ,so I had to do one and it is all I have. I used to have the PC make a restore point every time it restarted and if I would do a system restore I could pick from different dates. Now there is only the one I...
  5. J

    Strange popup from Firefox

    I keep getting this popup supposedly from Firefox saying I need to download it ,I haven't yet because I don’t trust it. Thanks for any help. This is the url. https://einayforumeiros.ne
  6. J

    [Solved] Play store problem

    I had my tablet repaired and I have gotten it back like it was before except for one problem. I had a banking app installed before and it is installed now but I cant open it. The tablet says it isn’t compatible with this version but it is installed. When I look for it in Google play store it...
  7. J

    Chrome wont connect

    Hi to all,I got a new modem for my wi-fi yesterday and since then I cant connect to the web with Google Chrome there is no problem with IE or Firefox. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. J

    [Solved] Help with freezing,crashing and mouse acting up!!!

    My grands got on my computer Sunday(one 8 years old and one 16) I don't know what they did but it has been acting up since they played with it . The 16 year old uses Chrome and now it is very slow to respond ,I had to delete it and now I can not reinstall it with all the freezing it is doing...
  9. J

    Firefox -patch problem

    Hi I keep getting this firefox-patch.js message, I tried to get rid of it with Malwarebytes but it keeps popping up. Any one have any know how on getting rid of this, thanks in advance.
  10. J

    How do I roll back to Windows 8.1

    How do I roll back to windows 8.1 I just upgraded to 10 and I despise it. I cant even see programs when I click on the bottom left windows icon(start??)
  11. J

    Where are the gbs?

    I bought a Dragon Touch tablet for my grandson(4years old) and when I first started it shows on 1.27 gb available and total size is 3.4 gbs,it is supposed to be 8 gbs and the only thing I have on it is a Sonic hedgehog game (87mb). Does any one have any expertise with this kind of problem,if so...
  12. J

    How to block websites?

    Hi to all, I tried to search forums and I couldn’t find this problem. My son has been visiting usabit and some other sites like it and downloading illegal downloads . I went to block it in internet options/restricted sites and I am still able to access the site. Does anyone know how to block...
  13. J

    [Solved] Error message from Adobe flash player ? zedo.com

    Hi to all, I posted this in Windows 8 forum and Starbuck helped me ,but the error messages are still popping up ,I decided to post it here to see if anyone has experience with zedo. Erase this if I am not allowed to jump to another section, thanks in advance...
  14. J

    [Solved] Adobe flash player error messages

    Hi to all, Can anyone help me with these error message from Adobe flash player? I uninstalled Adobe flash player with Revo uninstaller but these messages keep popping up when I am trying to read comments on news articles . I am sending a screenshot and the message that I get ,there are a lot of...
  15. J

    [ Solved ] Problem with .inp files

    Hi to all, I was checking my computer today and I found a file in my computer that is taking up 68.5 gigabytes in 110 files. They are .inp files ,all of them were modified on 11-20-2013. I don’t know what they are ,I googled them but I cant find out if I should delete them or not .Any help...
  16. J

    [Solved] Windows 8.1 boo boo

    Hi to all, Windows 8.1 popup comes up when ever I start my pc, I always click to remind me later. Now my grandson has clicked to install I immediately shut the pc down to stop it. On restart it showed finishing installing windows 8.1,I don't want 8.1 on my pc as I have heard bad things about...
  17. J

    Where is gps hardware

    Hi to all, I finally got me a tablet (Dell Venue 7),I am learning how to use it . One problem I am having is it says it doesn’t have gps hardware on it. It has Google Maps and I can type in a destination and it shows a route and all, then a message comes up and says it doesn’t have gps hardware...
  18. J

    [Solved] Adware on Win8

    I just did a MBAM scan and here are the results, if I can figure out how to send it as a attachment.
  19. J

    Web page wants to run add-on

    Hi to all, I have been getting this pop up message lately ,can anyone help with this. Is it safe to allow it or should I try to find out how to delete it. "The previous webpage wants to run the following add-on Adobe Shockwave player 12.1 from Adobe Systems Incorporated "
  20. J

    Need to know about undo copy

    Hi to all, I am having another one of those what did I do days. I was trying to copy and paste a song to a folder to the dropdown folders on the left side of the screen. Just as I went to click paste the screen jumped and I hit copy by mistake. Now the Shared folder properties show Size 637 GB...
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