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    Micro SD Format Problem.

    Hi Everyone:) I recently bought a Kingston 32gb micro sd card. I just tried to format it and I noticed it said it was only 112mb but I thought that would correct itself when it was formatted. I tried it through the usual way first (my computer,right click the drive,click format,this is where it...
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    No F11 Option.

    Hi Everyone. I have an old HP desktop pc running windows XP. It has got so cluttered over the years and takes ages to boot up. I am wanting to reset it back to factory settings. I know everyone says hit the F11 key te reset it, but, there is no F11 option on the screen as it passes by. I went to...
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    USB sticks corrupt??

    Hi Everyone.:tennis: I have a couple of usb sticks that for some reason when I plug them in it sometimes shows up in "my computer" for a split second and then disappears. Then I get the egg timer as the cursor and I cant do anything until I remove the usb stick. Then the pc goes back to normal...
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    XP Upgrade.

    Hi People:)!!! My old xp desktop has served me well for the last several years, but now that I can't even watch tv catch up its time for a change. I have been searching on google and youtube for some directions on how to upgrade to a newer operating system, either windows 7 or even windows 10...
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    Recycle Bin shows empty,But its not??

    Hi to everyone, Ihope your all well:) Yet another problem in xp. The recycle bin icon shows trash in the recycle bin but when I open it there is nothing there. But when I click on empty recycle bin, I get a message asking if I want to delete these 7 items??? I have not deleted them because if I...
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    [Solved] Startup/Battery Problem.

    Hi everyone. Yet another problem that I dont understand, so I am asking the experts for advice. The other day my wife said that her pc was making a funny noise. So I took the side off and it was caked in dust and cobwebs. I turned it off and hoovered it out being carefull not to damage anything...
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    [ Solved ] Hard Drive Clone.

    Hi to Everyone, and hope you all had a great christmas. I have cloned my hard drive onto another formatted hard drive to hopefully revive another pc. I have not transferred the hard drive yet to try it because I would like to ask some questions. I have attached a picture showing the drives in...
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    [ Solved ]Sata to Pata Adapter.

    Hi Everyone. Here I am again with yet another problem That I hope I can get some help with. My old emachines pc started giving me some jip recently, it decided to turn itself off at random and got to the point where as soon as it started to boot up it would turn off. There is so much stuff like...
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    Insufficient memory to initialize windows

    Hi Everyone. My nephew gave me an old pc that had no battery, no ram, and no hard drive, and no name on it. But I knew I had a box of bits and could try to get it working. The very first pc I had was windows 98se. although the pc is long gone I still have the setup CD. I put a battery in it. put...
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    File not Found

    Hi Everyone. My pc seems to have lost one of its files (see picture) I dont know why but, if I just click "X" the message away the pc seems to work ok?? I would still like to fix it though. Can one of you kind people help me?? Its not a very clear pic so on the blue at the top it says "cmd.exe"...
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    [Solved] XP Service Pack 3

    Hi to All. Its me again. Just like to say a big Thankyou to KenB and Plastic Nev for helping me get this PC from the blue screen of Death to a working computer again. Slowly building up the programms to get it as it was. But I dont know if I need to download the XP Service Pack 3 or what it does...
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    [Solved] re-install problems

    Hi To all. As I have said I connected the faulty hard drive back onto the pc and put the 1st disc in quickley so to boot from disc. and it took it!! all it downloaded was a video player?? but the second disc loaded and had the os on it and proceeded to install it. I thought YES!!! sucsess but...
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    Blue screen of death!!

    Hi everyone. I have just joined freepchelp.uk in the hope that someone can help me with a large problem. My wifes pc has recently given up the ghost and now has the blue screen of death. I have been searching for a couple of days now to try to find a cure on the web but all hope is fading fast...
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