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  1. Starbuck

    Update regarding addons not working in Firefox

    Source: Update Regarding Add-ons in Firefox
  2. Starbuck

    Warn your friends they can’t bypass Facebook with this hoax

    Sorry to say, but 2019 has not ushered in new “tips to bypass FB” as it supposedly limits posts on your news feed. Nor has Facebook ushered in a new algorithm that “chooses the same few people – about 25 – who will read your posts”, at least not that we’ve heard. Rather, we’re still stuck with...
  3. Starbuck

    Most antivirus programs fail to detect this cryptocurrency-stealing malware

    Traditional antivirus software has a tough time detecting malware used in the campaign. A new, active campaign is using malware capable of dancing around traditional antivirus solutions in order to empty cryptocurrency wallets. The malware is being used in the DarkGate campaign, a previously...
  4. Starbuck

    Firefox finally casts Windows XP users adrift

    If you’re one of the millions of holdouts still unwisely clinging to Windows XP, Mozilla’s Firefox browser just waved you goodbye. It’s a connection to XP that started with Firefox’s public launch in 2004, and ended with version 52 in March 2017, after which support for the obsolete OS...
  5. Starbuck

    Meet the malware which hijacks your browser and redirects you to fake pages

    The malware is currently being distributed through the RIG exploit kit. The RIG exploit kit, which at its peak infected an average of 27,000 machines per day, has been grafted with a new tool designed to hijack browsing sessions. The malware in question, a rootkit called CEIDPageLock, has...
  6. Starbuck

    Another Linux community with malware woes

    Another day, another Linux community with malware woes. Last time it was Gentoo, a hard-core, source-based Linux distribution that is popular with techies who like to spend hours tweaking their entire operating system and rebuilding all their software from scratch to wring a few percentage...
  7. Starbuck

    New Malware Strain Targets Cryptocurrency Fans Who Use Macs

    OSX.Dummy depends on substantial help from an unwary victim. A new strain of MacOS malware is targeting those who like to discuss their cryptocurrency investing in Slack or Discord groups. It depends on a certain level of naiveté on the part of the victim - a level that resulted in the strain...
  8. Starbuck

    This malware delivers either ransomware or cryptocurrency mining software to your PC

    Rakhni Trojan has evolved to examine the infected PC to determine which form of malware will be best to install. An ever-evolving form of malware has added a new tactic which sees it choose to deliver ransomware or a cryptojacker depending on the circumstances of the infected victim. If an...
  9. Starbuck

    Microsoft unexpectedly drops Windows 7 support for some ancient CPUs

    Believe it or not, some hardy souls are still running Windows 7 on PCs equipped with turn-of-the-century Pentium III CPUs. But the latest round of Windows 7 security patches won't install on those devices. Here's the background. In August 2000, nearly 18 years ago, Intel proudly showed off...
  10. Starbuck

    This new Windows malware wants to add your PC to a botnet - or worse

    The intentions of and delivery method of Mylobot are unknown - but it appears to be the work of a sophisticated attacker who could deliver trojans, ransomware and more. A new malware campaign is roping systems into a botnet and providing the attackers with complete control over infected...
  11. Starbuck

    This new Android malware delivers banking trojan, keylogger and ransomware

    Researchers uncover a form of malware that's still in development - but it has the potential to become a nasty threat. An experimental form of Android malware delivers a banking trojan, a keylogger and ransomware to those unfortunate to fall victim to it. Uncovered by security researchers at...
  12. Starbuck

    Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 7, 8, & Older Apps in the Microsoft Forums

    Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that starting on July 1st 2018 they are no longer offering support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and a wide variety of older applications in the Microsoft Community forums. This does not mean that volunteers will not be able to answer questions...
  13. Starbuck

    Yahoo Messenger to Be Discontinued July 17

    The announcement comes just six months after Yahoo and AOL parent company Oath discontinued AIM. If you're interested in downloading your Yahoo Messenger chat history, be sure to do that soon. Pour one out for Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo has announced plans to discontinue the vintage chat...
  14. Starbuck

    Google in court over ‘clandestine tracking’ of 4.4m iPhone users

    Google’s in trouble again over the “Safari Workaround”: the iPhone shakedown for personal information from millions of iPhone users. In 2012, the workaround got the search giant fined by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for $22.5m, fined again a year later for $17m after it got sued by...
  15. Starbuck

    This password-stealing malware uses Facebook Messenger to spread further

    A spike infections follows an update to the password and cryptocurrency-stealing malware. A form of malware which uses fake Facebook Messenger messages to spread has suddenly surged back into life and has developed new tricks to steal passwords, steal cryptocurrency and engage in...
  16. Starbuck

    Microsoft Could Retire Several Windows 10 Apps

    Company winding down development, report claims Microsoft has been very committed to offering Windows 10 with a pre-installed set of core apps for the essential activities that users typically perform every day, but as the company is reorganizing its business, plans for the future of Windows...
  17. Starbuck

    This malware targets Facebook log-in details, infects over 45,000 in just days

    StressPaint malware is "developed professionally" and could be be harvesting accounts for anything from credential selling and identity theft, to malvertising and propaganda campaigns, warn researchers. Users who download a painting software advertised as a tool for stress relief might soon...
  18. Starbuck

    Thousands of Android Apps Are Tracking Kids Without Parental Consent

    Apps are also sharing data with third-party services The Google Play Store might be full of apps and games that are tracking children without the express permission from the parent, and Google doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. Following Facebook’s data leaking scandal with Cambridge...
  19. Starbuck

    How to tell if Cambridge Analytica accessed your Facebook data

    Here's how to check if you or a Facebook friend were connected to the "This is Your Digital Life" quiz, which is how Cambridge Analytica harvested data. Facebook has begun rolling out a feature to some users that will notify them if their data was accessed as part of the Cambridge Analytica...
  20. Starbuck

    New Android Virus Extracts Your Facebook, Skype, Telegram Messages

    Security company warns of new Android malware in the wild Android devices are being targeted by a new form of malware that is specifically aimed at stealing private conversations on IM applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, and others. The malware, which was...
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