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    Free alternative to EaseUS todo PCTrans

    @KenB I appreciate your time in replying, thank you. I think you're right, some so-called "free" are literally up to the point of installation, but beyond that need a license. I need to move 25GB, so I guess anything "free" would not work to that extent. What I need to decide is, if £50 is...
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    Free alternative to EaseUS todo PCTrans

    Is anybody there?
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    Free alternative to EaseUS todo PCTrans

    I need to move some installed programs from my boot disk to a secondary disk. I know this is possible and I know EaseUS todo PCTrans can do it. However despite all the advertising that EaseUS todo PCTrans is "free", it most certainly is not free. When I try to do what I need to do, EaseUS todo...
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