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  1. KenB

    Synapse [ Moderator ]

    It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Synapse [ Scott ] who was a moderator here, has died after a fight with cancer his partner informs me. Scott had myeloma related amyloidosis - abnormal protein created by cancer cells stick to tissues in the organs. He died of massive...
  2. KenB

    Happy Christmas

    ​Happy Christmas to all of our members and visitors.
  3. KenB

    Change One Letter to Make Another 5 Letter Word

    I saw this on another forum started by a member from here ..... Simply change just one letter in the word I have given to create another proper word ( no slang ) Plurals are allowed. Spelling mistakes will be removed - be warned :) No repetition allowed. Example: Beast ....changed to...
  4. KenB

    What Channel are my Neighbours Using ?

    If your neighbours have a wireless network the chances are that they are broadcasting on the same frequency as you. This is normally OK - but sometimes it can cause a problem .......especially if there are lots using the same frequency. The router actually uses channels. Think of this like...
  5. KenB

    Happy New Year 2014

    Happy New Year to you and your family :)
  6. KenB

    Maths Test

    Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluates education systems worldwide by testing 15-year-olds in key subjects There are some sample Maths questions here: click here The UK did not fare too well at all. The % worldwide drops off dramatically after question 2 ( there are...
  7. KenB


    Free PC Help has a Magazine - available here ( click here ) We are using the Magazine to host all of our Tutorials. Below is a list of Tutorials available to you. Simply click on the Tutorial that you want and you will be taken to the tutorial at the Magazine Site. For simplicity I have...
  8. KenB

    M$oft and 8.1 !!

    I just switched my computer on and found this across the desktop .... No option to click off it! All desktop and quick launch icons disabled!! Search options disabled !!! My only option was to click on the "Go to the Store" button and download 8.1 - WHICH I DON'T WANT !!!! [ It has proved...
  9. KenB

    2013 Ashampoo Burning Software - FREE

    Thanks to DSTM for the link to this :) For the moment the 2013 version of the software ( Usually £35 ) is free to download click here You will need to provide a valid e-mail address for the product code to be sent to you. Not sure how long the offer lasts. Seems to work with Win 8 too :)
  10. KenB

    Re-Install Win 7 on OEM - Legal Download

    Update 11 Feb 2015 Windows-7 used to be available for public download on servers owned by Digital River, Microsoft's service provider for e-commerce. As of February 2015, these downloads have been pulled. "Free" access to the OS disk images is somewhat limited now, but a few options remain...
  11. KenB

    Happy Birthday RandyL

    It is Randy's birthday today. I will not embarrass him by saying how many he has had ---- suffice to say he was there when George Washington was a lad. :)
  12. KenB

    Upgrade Win8 Pro - FREE

    Upgrade Win8 Pro .........FREE There is not much time left I am afraid. This will add Windows Media Center to your Win 8 Pro installation. You MUST get the Product Key emailed to you by 31 January 2013 and register the software by 1st February 2013. See here for details click here Further...
  13. KenB

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all of our members a very Happy New Year London Fireworks
  14. KenB

    Do you want to learn how to write programs ?

    Udacity High School Challenge, There is a totally free course available that you can complete in your own time. The course uses "Python" which is a well known, and used, computer language. If you complete the course - which should take about 7 weeks ( depending upon how long you spend on each...
  15. KenB

    Malicious e-Mail - "You Broke into my e-mail"

    There are emails doing the rounds that accuse the receiver of hacking into somebody's email or that compromising photographs are available of them / wife / girlfriend on line. The email may even be addressed to you personally ........Dear KenB, ......etc The email will contain an attachment...
  16. KenB

    Red Bull Animation

    Animation. Take a look here: The animation was done by my nephew. It has been entered in a competition.
  17. KenB


    Just thought that I would drop in and say "Hi". I know one or two members from elsewhere. :)
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