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  1. RandyL

    #1 Start Up Failures #2 Windows Update Won't Update.3 Im so happy to find this site!

    Hi; Try running the scanner from http://www.crucial.com/ You don't have to buy from Crucial but it should tell you what you need. It will show you what ram is guaranteed to be compatible.
  2. RandyL

    [Solved]How to join and synchronising video clips

    Good to hear Bazza. I knew it would be a tedious process. I have used Handbrake before but not the function you used. Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the issue.
  3. RandyL

    [Solved]Cant see some folders on my network

    Good to hear Joddle. I always forget some detail too when I add a computer to my network. Eventually I remember how.
  4. RandyL

    [Solved]How to join and synchronising video clips

    Not having used Avidemux I can't say for sure. You could try adjusting the delay for split sections to get those sections working right then join the files together.
  5. RandyL

    [Solved]How to join and synchronising video clips

    It sounds like the original files were corrupt and out of sync. It's probably going to take some work and patience. There are premier programs like Adobe Premier that will do it but it's not free and whatever you use will take some work. Although I have not used these programs you can try them...
  6. RandyL

    New Laptop (new to me that is)

    To reinstall Windows on a HP/Compaq you might want to use the recovery media or recover from the hard drive. These instructions should be similar to yours. HP nc6300 Maintenance And Service Manual If you use a full Windows 7 set of disks instead of the recovery media you will need the product...
  7. RandyL

    [Solved]How to join and synchronising video clips

    Hi Bazza; I'm a little confused by your post but I'll try to answer as best I can. Mp4 usually designates a audio/video file. Mp3 is audio only. If you are trying to overlay a sound file on a video file, such as adding sound to a movie, then Windows Live Movie Maker can do that easily provided...
  8. RandyL

    [Solved]Cant see some folders on my network

    Right click the folder and select properties. Click the security tab. This will show if the other computers have access. I use the word "Everyone" on my computers so I don't have to add the other computers names individually. If you're using a workgroup instead of homegroup do the same for the...
  9. RandyL

    Windows 7 to Vista

    If your Windows 7 disk is a full installation disk the key will be on the disk or disk case. If that were the case then you could transfer the license to a different computer. However since you said the key was on the computer itself this would suggest that the disk is a oem disk or recovery...
  10. RandyL

    Windows Live Mail

    Usually the issue is either an incorrect password or the email settings themselves are wrong. What email won't work? Is it your isp email account or a different one? Different email accounts can have different settings which we might be able to find for you. If your mail account is from your...
  11. RandyL

    CD/DVD Burning Software wont run in W10

    I think Roxio9 is too old for Windows 10 too. For basic CD or DVD burning such as for data, pics, media files etc. Windows can do it for you. There are a number of different ways to do this. What I do is select the files I want to burn then I right click them and select send to. Select your...
  12. RandyL

    Strange question (maybe) about wifi connection

    It may be asking for the Security Key such as the WPA2 security key. If the router is setup with security, and it should be, then you need to enter the key in order to establish a connection between a device and the router. If you have a Windows 7 computer already connected to this router then...
  13. RandyL

    How do I forward multiple emails?

    An email client is a program used to send and receive mail from a email provider. Yahoo mail is a provider. With free yahoo you can't set up a client to work with it. If you're paying for yahoo mail you can. If SKY/Yahoo is part of your internet service it may be possible. If you go to a web...
  14. RandyL

    Sending images by email

    A lot of things to consider that I don't know. Have your friend send himself an email to see if the issue is on his end. It could be his Kodak scanner settings if he is using a function to scan and mail or possibly it could be his mail server or email client. If he is using a email client such...
  15. RandyL

    How do I forward multiple emails?

    I checked my Yahoo mail and I can select to forward a single mail without opening it but if I select more than one email the forward option is not available. So then I checked my email client which is Windows Mail and it does let me select more than one email without opening them and I can...
  16. RandyL

    Disgusted by Microsoft Windows 10 update con

    I see that now and your reply was more complete than mine.
  17. RandyL

    Disgusted by Microsoft Windows 10 update con

    Hi Ray; Have you tried using the "Hide update" option for the Windows 10 upgrade?
  18. RandyL

    [Clean] Asus X5DC laptop running very slow.

    Just to let everyone know. This site has been experiencing intermittent issues lately. Occasionally pages will not load.
  19. RandyL

    [Solved] Windows not updating

    Hi Nev. The Group Policy Editor might not be an option on the home version. I think you have to have Pro.
  20. RandyL

    [Solved] Windows not updating

    I'm not a malware expert but I have seen cases in the past where malware has prevented updating Windows and AV's. Sometimes even after removing the malware other steps are needed to repair the leftover damage. Like Plastic Nev said if you have any doubts the experts can take a look for you.