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  1. Quacker

    Router or modem to blame? - any advice please?

    Ok story to date, I have cable broadband with NTL (now Virgin Media) and have been using a Belkin Wireless Router for several years. Occasionally, I have to "reset" the modem. Unplug fo a few minutes and reboot etc. - this cures the "problem" Lately however, I have been having to do this...
  2. Quacker

    Firewall is turned off and unable to turn back on!

    Ok a pop up in Windows 7 has advised of 4 problems, - 1 important. Turn on windows firewall (important) Solve a problem with windows live messenger - I never use it - or very, rarely check backup systems - which windows details am I backing up and to where? Address a problem for auto...
  3. Quacker

    Please explain my HDD capacity

    This is probably laughable to you people out there with knowledge of such things, but leaves me confused. I've recently purchased a Packard Bell IXtreme 15662 UK (if that helps). It is said to have 640Gb Hard drive. My C drive shows 230Gb of 291Gb free - I guess this holds all my programmes...
  4. Quacker

    Firefox - "Server not found" revisited

    Just lately, and this is a brand new machine, I seem to be getting this everyday, sometimes twice per day. Usually I unplug the modem for a few minutes and it works. Today however, I reverterd to IE and it is working fine. This tells me it is not the internet connection but Firefox. What...
  5. Quacker

    transferring old mail details to new (win7)

    How or where can I do this? - I obviously have a lot of favourites and mail addresses on OE on my old machine. Do I have to choose an alternative, i.e. Thunderbird or WLM etc. and how do I get the data onto or into said program? My older (XP) machine is not bootable at present but I would...
  6. Quacker

    No Outlook Express with Win 7. Help!

    Briefly mentioned on the WIndows 7 thread. This has thrown me a little. I tried briefly using the Windows Live Mail (I think it was called that) and it successfully linked my hotmail, googlemail and ntlworldmail. Seems too slow and just didn't feel right, so have removed it and now just put a...
  7. Quacker

    Securing a new PC & keeping it so!

    Further to Wolfey's post above, I'd just like to ask a few things. Firstly, I will be using Windows 7, does that have any in-built security (a firewall for example) and secondly are there any advantages or disadvantages in having an antivirus & firewall together over separate ones. As well as...
  8. Quacker

    1472 errors - registry reviver

    Is this possible? - the free scan said this laptop is in bad health. Re there any other ways to clean up a machine for free or low cost as I notice there are plenty of downloads which promise to keep a machine healthy. How do you decide what is necessary and what is not?
  9. Quacker

    Is Windows 7 the preferred choice?

    I've not used Windows 7 and my only experience of Vista was my father's PC. I have the option whilst looking for a new machine. I can even have XP (which I get along with) but that may be a wrong move. My use is quite ordinary, quite dull really, so not sure if any of the improvements would...
  10. Quacker

    Oh oh! Machine will not boot!

    Not sure what is going on. No slow-down, no signs of a problem, but possibly malware. I was using Firefox and tried to switch to one of my tabbed favourites and was asked where I wanted to save to??? - I tried again and the same. So I thought I would try another (different) favourite and...
  11. Quacker

    Wireless Mouse - not responding.

    Once again apologies if posting in incorrect section, but I often am unsure of where to post. Ok today we setup the other half's new PC. It has both wireless keyboard & mouse. The mouse was working immediately, and after a false start the keyboard followed suit (I changed the batteries and...
  12. Quacker

    Resetting Windows XP

    As opposed to removing it. I have taken all I need, music, photos etc. and safely backed them up. Now if I am to purchase a new machine (I am always thinking of doing this) rather than ditch this one or lock it away in a shed or loft, is there a way to clear it of all the bits and bobs leaving...
  13. Quacker

    What does the following mean?

    In lay-person's terms. Is it worth adding more ram for what I suppose is now an old processor? Maximum Memory Capacity: 1048576 MB Currently Installed Memory: 1024 MB Available Memory Slots: 3 Total Memory Slots: 4 Dual Channel Support: N.A. CPU Manufacturer: AuthenticAMD...
  14. Quacker

    Firefox & the incredible shrinking text!

    Hello all. My dad has been messing - albeit inadvertently with either some combination of key presses and/or function keys. It might be straight forward, so please advise if so. He is using Firefox as I mentioned but on just one website, the text is minute - and unreadable, yet it is only on...
  15. Quacker

    How do I prevent MSN on startup?

    By making it switchable, or even removing it altogether. I remember reading somewhere (probably on here) about going into MSConfig but can't recall much after that. Apologies if posted in wrong section, but this is slowing things down somewhat. Cheers Steve
  16. Quacker

    New notebook finding wifi connection

    Why me? - everytime I get a newDesktop/laptop/netbook something goes wrong. THe amount of times I have tried one would think I would know why. New notebook for my dad, switch it on plug it in and setup windows etc. then as I have my own wifi netwrk and router thought I would just have to...
  17. Quacker

    Mailbox Full Up!!! - help!

    Ok, I will admit as an archivist with discarded emails I am rubbish. Recently large files were not getting through (you know the ones mates/relatives send which are garbage but they think side-splitting?). Anyway, as a result I purged thousands - and I mean thousands of the blighters. Inbox...
  18. Quacker

    Presario 2100 dead battery?

    I assume the battery is dead on this one. I tried refreshing it but to no avail. Tee machine works with the power cord fitted, but once removed nothing powers up - even after a good few hours charging period - So process of elimination suggests battery death. Now then is it simply a case of...
  19. Quacker

    Change ISP & Keep email address?

    A very simple question, but one which caused furore when I asked it at work! I am currently with Virgin Media, but retain the old @ntlworld.com email address. I am registered for so many things (too many?) using that address that to change them all will be time consuming - if indeed I can...
  20. Quacker

    New PC + Vista = problems?

    Hi Not sure where to go with this but will ask and if it needs moving a moderator can do so. Recently we upgraded my fathers PC as it was slow and old-spec etc. The new machine came with Vista - not a problem I thought, but now am not so sure. The PC had to be returned. The shop I purchased...
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