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    Turbo Your PC...Any good?

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    Windows 10 - Am I Going To Be Made To Have It?

    Just received an email saying the following.."We want to give every customer a great upgrade experience, so we’re rolling it out in an organized way to manage high demand and to make sure that the upgrade is right for your device. After July 29, when Windows 10 is ready for your device, it will...
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    Mobile Phone Problem

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section...wasn't sure where to post it as I don't know if it's a mobile problem or a windows problem. We've got a Nokia Lumia 530 and have had no problems apart from not being able to view photos sent or received by text message...it says "get media content...
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    Windows 10 Upgrade.

    I received a Windows 10 upgrade notification about the new upgrade and have reserved it but now I'm not sure it's a good idea...can anyone help please. I am running Windows 7 at present and I'm now sure if this is a good thing to upgrade to or not...it says you can cancel but I am having trouble...
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    AVG free edition has just done an update but now it says "you are not fully protected" "identity protection has been disabled" It says click to fix the problem but no matter how many times I try it doesn't correct it. I have restarted the computer a couple of times but no joy. Help please as I...
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    [solved] Barclays Online Statement viewing problem

    I have never had any problems with viewing my statements on the Barclays Bank website but this week it's not allowing me to view it saying Barclays is not responding. I get as far as putting in all of my details and click on view statement but nothing happens. If I try on Google Chrome browser...
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    Can anyone please help and advise me what to do as I am not computer literate where viruses and threats are concerned and need help....I have AVG free and today it did it's usual scan and this came up......I press "ADDRESS ISSUES" and this comes up ....I then press "REMOVE ALL" and this comes up...
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    Zone Alarm Update Problem (Solved)

    I have had Zone Alarm on my PC for ages and never had any problems with updates ...until now....I have posted pictures to explain better what is happening. A message comes up saying this ...I press "update now" and this comes up ...I press "Fix connection problems" and this comes up ...I press...
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    [Solved] Internet Explorer 10 upgrade..

    Hi, I'm using IE 9 and when I go on some sites it tells me I need to upgrade to IE 10...do I really need to do this, if so how and is it easily done. Any links, help or advice appreciated. Thanks
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    [Solved] Office Home and Student 2010 Free Trial Problems Please Help

    Hi, I downloaded the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Free Trial..it asked me what one I wanted ie. 32 bit or 64 bit...it says we recommend 64 bit so that's what I downloaded. Download all done but it came up that I shouldn't have downloaded 64 bit as I don't have the capacity or something...
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    Hotmail problem..

    Is anyone else having problems getting in to their Hotmail account please? It asks you to sign in and then a message comes up with this... "Your account has been blocked Why are you seeing this? Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that...
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    Favourites problem

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me why I can't save anything to favourites anymore...I have been doing this without any problems for ages but today I've tried and nothing happens. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
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    [Solved] Volume Control Icon Disappeared...please help

    Can anyone help please....Just turned on and the small speaker icon on my task bar has disappeared so I now can't control the sound volume...can anyone tell me how to get it back please. I can work it through the control panel so the sound is working but the icon is gone...never had this...
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