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    Best Specs for Streaming

    Hi, Needless to say my troublesome computer will soon be on Ebay and a new notebook will be in the post very soon. I'm looking for a new notebook that can handle streaming. What specs are going to give best performance, i.e., what hard drive rpm should I have, and what difference does the...
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    No Sound on My Notebook.

    Hi, After removing a dose of Babylon from my notebook, ref. Freepchelp, Snap.do Malware Removal, I discovered that I had no sound again. I've gone through the same procedures as a month ago, ref. Freepchelp, 'Hard Drive Backup', and it seems that I'm in the same position as before. Could I...
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    Babylon Removal

    Hi, Now I have Babylon on my browsers. That's 100% totally infuriating:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:. I've just got rid of Snap.do after many hours of work, deleting and re-installing the malware and browsers to download AdwCleaner by Xplode to clean...
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    Snap.do Malware.

    Hi, My computer has just got a dose of Snap.do malware.:mad: How do I get rid of it? It's very stubborn and can not be deleted from control panel/uninstall. I tried to download Dolphin browser and this seems to have been the source of the malware:confused: Any helpful hints would be...
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    Windows 8

    Hi, Does anyone know if Windows 8 will have options for the display language. After a recent problem with my computer, I've decided to get a new one but I'm restricted to certain brands if I buy in Germany because of the language options (my German is not up to computers). Rosmon.
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    [Solved] Change router name and password?

    Hi, My computer has returned with a new speaker set;) It came back with factory settings so it's time to set up again. Problem 1: Changing the router name and password Cisco EPC 3925 I've connected using a cable for this. I have got as far as deleting to default settings (indented button on...
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    Online hard drive backup.

    My lap top has no sound and has to go in for repair. I have made a recovery disc so that's ok and I expect that it will need a new mother board and come back with Windows 7 re-installed. ???? I want to save my other settings though, eg, google chrome, dropbox, etc. 1. Could this be done with a...
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