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    Toshiba Satellite Pro L40-139 dead?

    Okay best to describe this in steps okay first everythings plugged in as normal E.G. charger however thats were everything changers 1. turn on (this usually takes a good long 3sec pressing down on the power button before anything happens) 2. it will turn on and then straight away the caps...
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    [Solved] New Female 3.5 mm audio Jack

    Hey, Im wondering if anyone can help me i need a replacement 3.5mm audio jack as you can see next to the USB the problem is the bottom snapped off the port and now needs replacing. The port is a standard female 3.5 mm audio jack with three connections under it running along the middle...
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    [Solved] Biostar GF7025-M2

    I got this board brand new a while ago but since i installed it in the PC its "Surged" when powering on the (fans,drives,HDD) all spin up as they would do, then spin down, they spin up for a second spin down for a second spin up Ect. This cycle last about a minuet before finally the Pc starts...
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    Toshiba A120 (loud)

    The laptop was sent off to be repaired a few months ago after failing to start at all wouldn't even power on tried everything in the end sent it off however now its really noisy the fan is always on full tried optimising it in BIOS, the reported temperature is normal around 30 when its idle, its...
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    !!! Macbook Pro A1150 Graphic Problems (help needed quick please)!!!

    Need some help trying to figure out whats wrong with a friends Mac theres a few but the one i cant figure out is the screen i think the inverter has gone, the screen randomly goes blank but you can still see the faint black graphics, however this is fixed just by shuting the the Mac down and...
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