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  1. Vr5fx

    The Video thread.

    I was sure at some point I saw a thread on user videos, though I can't find it now. Feel free to merge if I have been naughty. :) Post your videos!
  2. Vr5fx

    Server networking assistance required

    Howdy guys. I have a small home server setup, which allows me to run game servers and it's being used as storage. The OS is on a 2TB drive, which is also used for running game servers and such. I then have separate drives in RAID 5 for file storage. What I want to accomplish is for my PC and...
  3. Vr5fx

    [SOLVED] Unknown program taking focus.

    Oh no. I have a problem. Every now and then I start up my computer and there is a random "something" that will take focus approximately every 60 seconds. There is no window for the "something" but as I type this, it interacts with Firefox and goes to the background, as if a window is in front...
  4. Vr5fx

    Xbox 360 case modification

    Before I start, I will state that this is not illegal in any way. I do not and never will do modifications to firmware. This modification only changes how the unit looks, it still functions in exactly the same way as it would brand new. The Xbox 360 I use for gaming is untouched in any way...
  5. Vr5fx

    The "My latest purchase" thread

    I had a search but could not find anything similar. This thread is to tell everyone else what you have recently purchased. Feel free to include a picture of the item. I wonder if there is a trend in spending habits. Kingston 240GB HyperX 3K SSD Warcraft Mouse Bundle WD 2TB 3.5" SATA-III...
  6. Vr5fx

    Hard Drive making a clunking noise (Solved)

    So my new PC of 3 months has started to make me upset, I've tried posting on it to no avail. The past 2 days it has been near on unusable, both under load and idle its been making clunking noise, each time it gets into a loop of this noise (clunk....clunkclunk [repeat]) windows hangs for 5-10...
  7. Vr5fx

    [Laptop] Mobo power fault.

    Hello again. :) This one is a little complicated, but I will try my best to explain. I have a HP DV9700 which has a power problem, it will run fine on battery, but it will not run on DC via adapter. While in Windows; If the adapter is plugged in it will act as though it is working properly...
  8. Vr5fx

    Vr5fx signing in.

    Hiya, My name is Steve, I'm 23 from Kent. The reason I came here was for help in buying a PC of some kind, my last PC *looks down in shame at it* is around 6 years old, still works, but is old! I enjoy tinkering with electronics, around this time 2 years ago I started doing hardware mods with...
  9. Vr5fx

    Help for a new gaming PC.

    Hello! First post, yay! I would like some help in getting a gaming rig, as I've looked around a little already, I'm in the "To buy, or build?" dilema. I currently play games on my laptop...
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