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    Malwarebytes update

    I have Windows 8.1 and have Malwarebytes premium installed. It has been asking me to update to its latest version but whenever I click to allow it, nothing happens. It simply does nothing and there box goes off the screen. I have tried to download off Malwarebytes site but when I click to...
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    HP ENVY 5530 Scanning Issues

    My Dad uses this printer with a Windows 10 laptop. When he scans, the image which comes up is readable, but covered in thin green,blue and purple stripes. He says the menu options which come up are not "preview" as normal, but something else (he couldn't remember) . Can anyone advise on a fix...
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    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

    Hi, My daughter's phone is constantly giving a message saying there is insufficient internal storage. She has moved what she can to the SD card and is trying to back up all her phone files to the PC, although it keeps saying there was an error during back up. This has started since an update to...
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    [Solved] Error message: System error

    Hi. My dad has a new laptop which is running Windows 10. Since I have read him the riot act about randomly on Pop Ups, he now tells me when anything appears on his screen. He rang me tonight to tell me he occasionally gets a Pop Up when he is on his e mails which say " System registry error...
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    [Solved] Laptop running very slow

    Hi, hope you can help, you were amazing last time I posted. The laptop in question is a five year old Sony Vaio, running Windows 7,64 bit. It is owned by my teenage daughters, who have used it less and less due to its slow start up time. I don't think they have abused it too much, but I have...
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    [Solved] I think my Dad has been scammed

    Long one, sorry. My Dad is in his early seventies but still working part time, in a business partnership. I used to help him a bit with computer stuff until I took on more hours at work. Anyway, he called me yesterday to say his email layout had changed and he didn't know how to change it...
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