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  1. bob12a


    Long time no speak. I had to buy a new computer (personal reason) Its a dell Inspirion 3881.Desktop. I have always been very careful to make backups. On installing said backups from my external hard drive I find Some of the programs I am used to using on my previous PC have not downloaded to my...
  2. bob12a

    What is dllhost.exe

    Hi I have tried to find a repair for dllhost.exe myself What is dllhost.exe TIA Bob12a
  3. bob12a


    Hi friends I have not been around on here of late but I had to tell you this one to go with skyclads problem. Pluss I am chuffed with my self. About a week ago I kept getting the BSD and The black one as well all this and a funny sound from my PC. All this happened after inside the first 30...
  4. bob12a

    Seasons greetings

    Thanks to everyone in the forum for you help in the last 12 months Bob12a
  5. bob12a

    deep sorrow

    Its because i am sad that I dont reply I buried my life long best friend yesterday (23/06/2018) bob12a
  6. bob12a

    Disk player

    Morning all Read up all over place to find out why my disk /dvd etc cant be recognised by my pc I have only found this out since I tried to play a disk I have with loads of family photos. There is nothing wrong with the disk as it playes on my mates laptop Bob No disks play at all
  7. bob12a

    Happy Birthday Pete

    Have a good one Starbuck Bob12a
  8. bob12a

    help to clean up

    Neighbour has asked me to look see why her computer is running so slow I doubt she has touched it for years Guidance required Please. I have checked google to many answers for me to workout Have written to smoky on his forum Bob
  9. bob12a

    Router pass word

    Do we need to change router pass word as per news item last week. If so short item on how to do it please. Bob
  10. bob12a

    router security

    How do I check my router security I now use a smart TV sony Bob
  11. bob12a

    IMPORTANT security question

    My mate just had a gmail referring to LogMe** LogMe** ** = In Mean anyhing to anyone Bob
  12. bob12a

    copy and paste win 10

    I am trying to copy and paste part of a question Pete has asked me no joy reading though google it seems copy and paste using mouse buttons in windows 10 does not work for quite a few users of win 10 Bob
  13. bob12a

    Google Chrome Ran Out Of Memory

    I am back to the AH SNAP error again it only happens in chrome not Edge or firefox . error message a title of this post Bob12
  14. bob12a

    Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10

    Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10 Hi Friends guide me through above it has appeared on comp I did not install to my knowledge. REV uinstall does not show it to much info when I google it Bob
  15. bob12a

    Cool down man.

    there is no where to wish Pete a happy birthday so here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE Dont give me the ol stopped counting reply Bob
  16. bob12a

    [Solved] Free pdf converter

    Morning I want to convert some text to pdf . to many in google to download/choose from Ideas please dont want to pay Bob
  17. bob12a

    [Solved] What is a torrent

    A neighbour asked me last week "what is a torrent" my answer was "I dont know but fairly sure they are very dangerous" I googled for info but left it alone. Bob
  18. bob12a

    Go to Settings > General > Restrictions

    walk me through please I want to change restrictions Bob If Snapseed displays the error "this app does not have access to your photos or videos" after selecting Open from Device, then Snapseed's access to Photos is restricted. To resolve this: Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. You...
  19. bob12a

    laptop and win 10

    My mate has asked me for advice re buying new laptop. His main use Banking mail general looking up stuff. 15 inch Should I advice buying one with win 10installed or win 8 and upping to free win 10 Bob
  20. bob12a

    Duplicate Photos

    Seasons greetings I know the general consensus is NOT TO use duplicate finders but I do have an external hd which I know contains thousands of duplicate photos. I would be happy to try a recommended dupe finder if one could be found. Bob PS I have managed to install win10 I was not going to...
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