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  1. Ned Seagoon

    Adobe Flash Player

    Now that Adobe have decided to discontinue Flash Player and have actually caused it to stop working does anyone know of an alternative? I found a Flash Emulator, Ruffle, but have not been able to make it work for an on-line Geography game Free online games and quiz about World Geography It...
  2. Ned Seagoon

    Using a VPN

    I'm considering purchasing access to a VPN so I can securely connect to a remote site. I've never used a VPN before and I'm unsure of the details. I have a Windows 10 PC which seems to come with a VPN client installed and all that is necessary seems to be to configure that client to use the...
  3. Ned Seagoon

    Brexit Discussion

    I was surprised not to find a thread on this subject, so I've started this, please join in and add your thoughts. I'll preface this with a little about myself, I'm a British born dual Australian/UK citizen, resident in Australia. I was horrified when the result of the referendum was announced...
  4. Ned Seagoon

    Upgraded Firefox

    I'll start a new thread as the other one is as old as the hills and praises Firefox, I want to blast them. Today I upgraded Firefox, after holding off for a while, so any bugs would have been fixed. I've moved to version 56.0.4 (64 bit) and I'm disappointed, not with the browser, it seems to...
  5. Ned Seagoon

    Hi All

    Yes Hi all, especially KenB, Tried to contact you, unfortunately I need 10 posts before I can send or reply to a PM. In reply to your PM yes, but I think it's more than the skin, it seems to be the whole forum SW and they've failed to properly link the DB to the forum properly. If you can open...
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