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  1. Helcaraxe

    Using two identical graphics cards with AMD Crossfire (HD 7770's)

    It does support Crossfire, but the two 16x slots will run at different speeds, with one card fitted the top slot gets 16x bandwidth but with two cards fitted the bottom slot will only run at 4x bandwidth. Full specs here----->http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A97/#specifications
  2. Helcaraxe


    LOL brilliant!:D
  3. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] UEFI Bios?

    Panic over. Just done a clean install and it's all working sweet as a nut.
  4. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] UEFI Bios?

    It's a wired connection and the same router I was using previously. It just doesn't seem right to be taking that long to connect. I am going to start from scratch again and see if anything changes.
  5. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] UEFI Bios?

    Thanks for the reply Vr5fx. Just finished rebuilding my system. World of difference to my last one and the bios was so much nicer to use. So far everything has been running brilliant except one small niggle. Windows boots in 25 seconds but it takes a further 2.5-3 minutes for the internet...
  6. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] UEFI Bios?

    Hi, I've just ordered a new motherboard that has UEFI bios on it. This is going to be new for me so I was wondering if there are any pitfalls to look out for when I do my new build this weekend. I know that Vr5FX has a mobo with this bios on it so they maybe the one to shed some light on this...
  7. Helcaraxe

    How can I tell if this graphics card is compatible with my PC.

    I understand that Ken :) Trying to find information on the internet for that Goliath system is like trying to find hens teeth.:(
  8. Helcaraxe

    How can I tell if this graphics card is compatible with my PC.

    I did a little digging to find some information on the AFOX NVIDIA GT440 and from what i can find it has a power consumption of 56w and takes it power from the PCIe slot.
  9. Helcaraxe

    CPU Cooler - Compatability with Corsiar Vengance RAM

    Just an extra thought seeing as you say you would be buying from your local shop. You could always purchase the Cooler and offer it up to your board to check for clearances over your RAM in the four different mounting posistions. As long as you don't peel off the plastic on the pre applied...
  10. Helcaraxe

    CPU Cooler - Compatability with Corsiar Vengance RAM

    Hi take a look here > http://www.arctic.ac/en/p/detail?sArticle=4.%3F The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro can be mounted in 4 different positions on Intel Processors. I have the Arctic Freezer 13 Pro fitted on my AMD processor and i have only two fitting positions available to me and the heatsinks on my...
  11. Helcaraxe

    Recover Deleted Folder

    You could try Recuva from Piriform which is free. http://www.piriform.com/recuva
  12. Helcaraxe

    When I tried to recover my hotmail account microsoft said I did not give enough infor

    Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear your having problems with your hotmail account. I had a similar problem a year ago when my account got hacked and i was trying to recover my account. Have you tried using an alternative email account to reset your password? I also recall a form i filled in where it...
  13. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] Help with graphics card

    That Belkin VGA(D-sub)to DVI-I is what you need.
  14. Helcaraxe

    Windows XP shuts down after 3 seconds

    Hi. That would be to re install the heatsink and fan after re applying the thermal paste.
  15. Helcaraxe

    Can i run this graphics card?

    I'm afraid it doesn't look like it will support that particular CPU. The Piledriver you are looking at has a TDP of 125w whereas the board you have linked only supports CPU TDP up to 95w. It will run this CPU though...
  16. Helcaraxe

    Can i run this graphics card?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your motherboard will not support either of those CPU's. The AMD Piledriver is AM3+ socket whilst the Intel i7 is socket LGA1155, your present motherboard supports AM2/AM2+ and AM3 CPU's. You would need a different board for either of those CPU's as one is...
  17. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] Problems with downloads

    Hi tintac. When using Google Chrome you can change the destination folder where you want your downloads to go to. If you click on the three lines in the top of your browser and click on settings this will open your setting page in a new tab. At the bottom of your page click on show advanced...
  18. Helcaraxe

    OMG what am i at

    The 64 bit interface of the card doesn't matter. As an example my operating system is 64 bit but my card is 128 bit. It looks like the motherboard is not picking up the card for some reason. Maybe a case of it not liking the card which happens sometimes.
  19. Helcaraxe

    OMG what am i at

    Okay so the card isn't showing in Speccy. It is showing your motherboards onboard graphics device. You need to disable that. You will probably have to do this by entering your Bios and change your primary graphics adapter to PCI-e.
  20. Helcaraxe

    OMG what am i at

    You need to uninstall the nvidea drivers first otherwise you will get conflicts. 1. Uninstall the nvidea drivers then shut down your pc. 2. Carefully remove the old card and install the new one. 3. Reboot your pc windows will automatically designate a driver so you will have a display. 4. Got...
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