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  1. Helcaraxe

    [Solved] UEFI Bios?

    Hi, I've just ordered a new motherboard that has UEFI bios on it. This is going to be new for me so I was wondering if there are any pitfalls to look out for when I do my new build this weekend. I know that Vr5FX has a mobo with this bios on it so they maybe the one to shed some light on this...
  2. Helcaraxe


    Hi folks. In need of a little help finding the root cause of a BSOD. I have just done a clean install of Windows 7 and had a few issues along the way regarding AMD chipset drivers shutting the PC down, i think it might of been the AHCI driver causing the problem so opted to stick with the...
  3. Helcaraxe

    Dead Motherboard replacement advice needed

    Hi folks, first post here so bear with me. I am in the process of trying to fix my parents old pc which is a Packard Bell Imedia 1502 (i did say old). Basically the original mobo died and with them not wanting to buy a new PC i said i would try and sort it with my limited knowledge of computers...
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