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  1. Goku

    Glad to see you back

    Hey all. Good to see you back up and running. Don't know when that happened. Anyways, hope its all right now. :) -- Goku
  2. Goku

    Happy Birthday Randy!

    Happy birthday, old man! Hope this turns out to be your best birthday ever! :) -- Goku
  3. Goku


    Here is a great little tool to play around with: WhoCrashed Can come in quite handy in some situations. :) -- Goku
  4. Goku

    Printing Issues

    Not for me, but the member cannary. Any suggestions? -- Goku
  5. Goku

    CastleCops Shutdown

    It is with great regret that I must inform you that the legendary security site CastleCops is now no more. Here is what you get when you try to visit the site. The news comes as a real blow to me as CastleCops was one of the best security advisory sites ever made. It even used to be a...
  6. Goku

    Happy Birthday Deepak!

    Happy Birthday Deepak! :couch2: Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. :) -- Goku
  7. Goku

    HTML Code Help

    OK, I am a complete novice in programming and need help regarding some basic HTML codes. I can compose a simple page with just a header and text but a friend of mine needs a code to embed images from external sources. I cannot elaborate on it but is there a code that might work similar to the...
  8. Goku

    Microsoft / AOL E-Mail Tracking

    Received this email today from one of my contacts. Attached to it were fifteen "real-life" testimonies and when, I saw the CC list, it was forwarded to at least 35 other people! I can't believe people are stupid enough to believe this. I have advised them many times but it seems that they are...
  9. Goku

    Problems Forwarding Email

    I received this email from a friend today. Having never used AIM myself, I found this problem is very peculiar indeed and I could not find a solution to it. Thought I would better leave it to the experts. Any suggestions on what he can try to resolve the problem? Thanks in advance. :)...
  10. Goku

    14 Serial Blasts in Ahmedabad

    There have been fourteen serial blasts in Ahmedabad just in the last two hours. The blasts occurred in the city's most populated areas and it is reported that nineteen people are already dead. I have one friend in one of the blasted areas and I don't know what is his fate. I will have to wait...
  11. Goku

    Happy Birthday Dave1962

    Happy Birthday to you Dave. :) Hope you are able to resolve your problem today. -- Goku
  12. Goku

    Monitor Issues

    I have a friend who is having some problems with his Graphics Card. Here is what his problem is like: Since I am no good with hardware issues, I know that asking you all be my best option. Any input is appreciated. :) -- Goku
  13. Goku

    My HijackThis Log

    Well, it seems that I have got infected. Yesterday, during my scheduled scan in Avira, it found a Trojan but was unable to remove it for some reason. I tried again on boot but Avira was still unable to remove it. The file shows in the log too. I cannot download anything unless its a *.zip...
  14. Goku


    Hello all, I am new to this site. Thought I would introduce myself. As it says, I am Goku and some people like Wolfey, DSTM, Seth and AdvancedSetup know me. I will try to be as helpful as I can. Hello to you all. :) -- Goku
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