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  1. Jelly Bean

    Strange login Issues.

    Every time I try to login to the forum I keep getting this page come up. My File Store I press the back button and relogin and all is well.So why am I seeing this page?? Any Idea? Thanks. JB.
  2. Jelly Bean

    FPCH Facebook page..

    I have noticed the FB page has not had any new posts since 2014.. Just a small suggestion,if its updated if only once a week it may bring users to the forum. JB.
  3. Jelly Bean

    Torch Browser Issues.

    Hi,so I have a friend the same friend with HMRC issues and scammers,he isnt computer forum friendly or I wouldsend him here. Anyway he partner has Torch Browser issues andIve been on their FaceBook page and lots of people are having issues and no fixes being given. I say uninstall the...
  4. Jelly Bean

    HMRC Scam Email Alert..

    Oh gosh Ive been trying to explain this scam email from HMRC to a freind for the past few hours.He isnt getting it then when I think he is he lost the train of thought. I think he has got it now. Anyway we dont need help,Ive hopefully set him on the right path. So he had this email that...
  5. Jelly Bean

    Windows10 Missing Choice.

    Hi,yes its moaning,old,wind bag JB,Old Girl Wheelchair Racer.... Erm just to say HELLO and tried to update my profile and there is not a choice of OS for W10... I am still around,oh no they all cry,please go,we had peace... I hope everyone is ok,I know we lost a few of our forum friends,its...
  6. Jelly Bean

    FREE Upgrade to Windows 10.

    If your running Windows 7 and 8 apparently we will get a FREE upgrade to Windows 10.
  7. Jelly Bean

    TV Sound Bars.

    Ive ordered theSamsung HW-F350 40 INCH upwards sound bar. Our TV is a Samsung 43 inch flat screen. I have had no experience at all with sound bars,just asking has anyone had experience with them,are they any good etc? Or should I send this Samsung sound bar back? Thanks. JB.
  8. Jelly Bean

    I just fell in LOVE with this MOBO.

    RampageIV JB.
  9. Jelly Bean

    My Friend Pam.

    My friend Pam,no she is not a nutter. She had spent 3 hours this evening trying to do before 10 year old sons home work on the Commonwealth games... So via text I started to help. It was hard. The final question was name the 3 values the commonwealth games promote. I found the answers but...
  10. Jelly Bean

    How Children Amaze us...

    It does not feel like yesterday my child was trying to learn her name. At 2 yearold until she was 5 she would ask us what her name was and I would say B for Bethany,my baby would repeat B for effany.No its B for Bethany,she would say B for Effany.She gave up and told everyone her name was B.Yup...
  11. Jelly Bean

    GPs vote to remove WCA conducted by Atos A MUST READ,please pass this on.

    The following news is brilliant. For very ill and disabled people who have lost there benefits such as DLA or had a reduction such as ESA they now have the right to appeal there cases after GPs won there case. Please pass this on to anyone you know who has been kicked up the backside by this...
  12. Jelly Bean

    I Will Be Back.

    Sorry guys I have been away..... My computer developed an issue and could not resolve it.... I had to use an older computer wich realy was of no help to get online and run a webpage or two,as I only have half a meg internet speed and slow computer all was hopeless. BUT,all is well,I...
  13. Jelly Bean

    Please check and make comments on new build.

    Please make comments and recommendations, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000OH10G2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&m=AIWZ1I5D0EK8J http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0037NYGLG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?ie=UTF8&m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE...
  14. Jelly Bean

    How to install Windows using a USB Pen Drive and WinToFlash.

    WinToFlash is a software that makes your USB pen drive into an installation option.You can install any Windows version via USB pen drive by using this simple software.It is the easiest software that I have found on the internet. This is a good tool to use to install windows were a...
  15. Jelly Bean


    Has anyone use WinToFlash to make your USB drive bootable so you can install windows from a USB pen drive? YouTube - How To Install Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / BartPE via USB
  16. Jelly Bean

    FaceBook and Mobile Phone issues.

    It has come to my attention that over the past 2-3 days at least many of my friends have had issues with using there mobile phones and FaceBook.They have been unable to connect or use functions on FaceBook. They have also had difficulty in trying to send text messages or make phone calls. If...
  17. Jelly Bean

    The PhoneCooP.

    I do a lot of work in the community at the local Drop In Centre which helps the community in many ways.My computer skills although I would say they are better skills hands on than me trying to do written help. Lately my computer skills have been required more and more and free of charge to the...
  18. Jelly Bean

    What can I say?

    Swansea City 3 Cardiff 2. Now who is laughing?
  19. Jelly Bean

    Acer Aspire One D250-1613 (Android) Netbook

    Acer is offering a dual-boot system, with both Windows XP and Android tailored for a netbook. 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU 1GB of RAM 160GB hard drive A tiny keyboard, and a microscopic multitouch pad Acer Aspire One D250-1613 (Android) Netbook
  20. Jelly Bean

    Windows 7 upgrades "crippling" PCs

    This may answer many peoples complaints of constant reboots while they install Windows 7 or after the install. Microsoft is struggling to find answers for people whose attempt to upgrade to Windows 7 which has sent their machine,s into an endless reboots. Reports of the problem first began...
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