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  1. DSTM

    Announcement: New Owner

    Welcome, as the new owner, Bob. Looking forward to your improvements.
  2. DSTM


    At 59yrs he died very young. R.I.P. Bob. I remember Bob well here some years ago.
  3. DSTM

    Backing up

    Could you post a screen grab of "Disk Management" please so we can see what sizes partitions are? Thanks.
  4. DSTM

    Backing up

    Hi Dopey. Follow these instructions and see if helps to get only one external drive entry. What method are you using to back up? http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4675-drives-navigation-pane-add-remove-windows-10-a.html
  5. DSTM

    [Solved] I think my Dad has been scammed

    Both ADBLOCK and ADBLOCK PLUS are free. They are scammers. I know another guy who lost $700 to these scammers, wrecked the OS into the bargain.
  6. DSTM


    IT is a big have. Finds faults,doesn't tell you what they are and won't fix one without registering and they want near $30 to remove what they won't tell you. Give that one a big miss. Plenty of those on the net.
  7. DSTM

    sad News

    Just recieved news sadly our Nev has passed away. Rest In Peace, Nev. You will never be forgotten and always in our heart's,mate
  8. DSTM

    Built-in Administrator Account

    I am wondering if you opened a local account would that help.
  9. DSTM

    Duplicate Photos

    I won't use duplicate finders. Had a bad experience once with a duplicate program.
  10. DSTM

    Installed new HDD, keyboard and mouse no longer work

    Hi and welcome to FPCH. You need to use USB2 port for your keyboard to work on post. ( Black ports are USB2) USB3 ports don't work till you are booted into windows. I got caught on one install.
  11. DSTM


    Hi Hoggie. Have you installed the chip set drivers. Motherboard Drivers. Uninstalled AMD audio drivers can often throw these errors.If you haven't a driver disc go to Asus and download and install all the drivers for your particular Motherboard.
  12. DSTM

    Slow and sometimes no response to mouse

    Are you sure it's not just the mouse needing a new battery?Jim. I use all wireless mice and the batteries do fail. Try the wireless sender in a different port as it only needs USB2
  13. DSTM

    Slow and sometimes no response to mouse

    Further to Nev's advice it could be simply be a buildup of crumbs and gunk under that key
  14. DSTM

    Slow and sometimes no response to mouse

    Hi Jim. Check what's running in "Task Manager"
  15. DSTM

    Photo app error win10

    Hi Kev. See if any of these fixes work for you. http://windowsreport.com/element-not-found-windows-10/
  16. DSTM

    Welcome message length

    What is the current Boot Time?
  17. DSTM

    How do I roll back to Windows 8.1

    Hi Jimmy. As long as it is within the 30 day time frame you can roll back. Type "Settings" in the search box Click on "Update and Security" icon From the window that appears, choose the "Recovery" option Choose "Go back to previous version of Windows" Let it do it's thing. Maybe staff can...
  18. DSTM

    The "My latest purchase" thread

    Looking good,Pete.:tea:
  19. DSTM

    Sending images by email

    You should disagree with me, Randy because I posted without thinking and was clearly wrong. I had a brain fart. My humble Apologies. Dougie.
  20. DSTM

    Sending images by email

    I can't help you with Mac email system however all .jpg files should be Zipped before sending.
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