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    MS Project

    Hi I have built a plan with activities and indented these to form sub-ordinates. Now I need to delete a high level entry but if I do this all the sub-ordinate activities also get deleted. I've tried to outdent these sub-ordinates but can't do that either. Getting desperate - thinking I'll have...
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    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi I plucked up the courage to go into the Registry as suggested. And yes it worked. Problem fixed and both DVD drives are now recognised and working correctly. Thanks a milloion. This is my first time here and I'm inpressed by the help given. Thanks again RAG268
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    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi Like a fool I forgot to mention I have Vista Business loaded. Sorry
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    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    I'm on my way to try these. Thanks.
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    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi. Not sure if I have same problem as another post but my CD and DVD drives dont work. When checking with device manager I get message Windows cannot start hardware device.Its config info in the registry is incomplete or damaged CODE 19. Should I try the fix suggested to the registry?
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