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  1. RandyL

    Old tech versus new

    Unbelievable. I have a perfectly good refrigerator that I can't find parts for even in this age of internet where I can search the world. A while back a good friend crafted a replacement handle out of brass and steel but now I have a rubber door seal that is splitting and I can't find a...
  2. RandyL

    Plastic Nev Birthday

    Happy belated birthday Nev. I just now realized you had a birthday Tuesday.
  3. RandyL

    Xbox 360 emulator release

    Just announced today: It appears Microsoft is releasing an Xbox 360 emulator this fall. Eventually you should be able to play hundreds of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One although there may only be a hundred at first. What timing. We just bought an Xbox One for my grandson today. :)...
  4. RandyL

    No Phone for six days

    I had no phone for six days and tried all the normal channels. I was finally able to find the contact info for the President/CEO and my service was restored within two hours. There are a lot of ways to find information but sometimes there are no ways. Sometimes this website can help. GetHuman...
  5. RandyL

    End of an era

    Remember Betamax the first ever device to record or watch TV that was replaced by VHS? It was quickly followed by the rise of video rental stores everywhere. There were the big name stores and mom and pop stores everywhere. Then the stores started offering DVD rentals as the medium changed. You...
  6. RandyL

    Malware and maybe more [Solved]

    A bad time to get my oldest friends mothers computer what with remodeling but I have it. 1. No AV. 2. IE really messed up. Downloads and updates etc. 3. sluggish. 4. Flash in in programs and features but not in control panel. 5. No Areo option in Themes. 6. Malwarebytes and ESET freeze...
  7. RandyL

    Jelly Bean has a birthday

    Hi Jelly. My Outlook calendar said it is your birthday I'm not a fancy graphics guy but Happy Birthday Girl.
  8. RandyL

    A Pittance of Time

    Sunday November 11th is Veterans Day in the U.S.A. As usual I would like to pay tribute to those who served the cause of freedom by serving in the military even though I never did. For everyone everywhere who values the sacrifices made by those who cherish freedom and liberty I would ask only...
  9. RandyL

    Welcome to Windows 8

    Windows 8 is completely different. If anyone has it or is going to get it we could sure use your help. Tips, tricks, guides and links would also be helpful.
  10. RandyL

    Ken's pc Help has moved

    Ken's pc Help or KpcH is moving to a new site. KenB one of our administrators has moved his site. There are plenty of good tutorials there that we sometimes link to and there will be more as he moves things over. Keep up the good work Ken.
  11. RandyL

    Record TV without computer rant

    After a full day and night of shopping and researching here in the USA I'm exhausted and not happy. I am old though. Remember the good old days when all you had to do to record your TV program to watch later on VHS? (Or BETA even) Well those days are gone. I have 2 VCR's and 1 DVD/VCR that I...
  12. RandyL

    maynardvdm birthday

    Sorry maynard but you let it slip out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOD FRIEND.
  13. RandyL

    Happy Birthday Plastic Nev

  14. RandyL

    Armageddon Birthday!!!

    My goodness. I almost missed this again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GOOD MAN.
  15. RandyL

    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to those of you in America. I Have a lot to be thankful for every year.
  16. RandyL

    bob12a Birthday

    Happy Birthday Bob. :):):)
  17. RandyL


    Shouting out a Happy Birthday to Starbuck. Do have a great one.
  18. RandyL

    tismehi birthday

    Let's not forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TISMEHI. :)
  19. RandyL

    pilotbob birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PILOTBOB. It's been a while but I remember you well. Don't be a stranger Bob.
  20. RandyL

    PseFrank birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PseFRANK. Have a good one.
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