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    windows millennium

    hi , well i decided ive had enough of messing with it so i have thrown pc key board all of it in the bin ! hard drive as well asi thought of getting a hard drive /idesd card adapter, but its far easier to throw the lot ,,, head ache and messing about finally over ,,, many thanks for all your...
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    windows millennium

    windows files cannot be installedon your hard disk because the format of drive c is incompatible with windows me you can have setup reformat drive c for you or you can quit setup now and reformat drive c your self, formatting drive c will erase all files on the disk , the disk is 120 gb , and...
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    windows millennium

    will windows millennium work on a ssd , as i am trying to install it to one, but all i get is the drive should be formatted to accept this version of windows , so at the moment i am trying to install millennium and i am writing down the error messages i recieve
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