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    Split the screen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    I don't know how many devices allow this in the market besides tablets. The Galaxy note has an incredibly great function that allows you to split your screen into two so that you can keep browsing the web and at the same time do something else like texting. I'm still adapting to it but seems...
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    Typing faster with SwiftKey

    I am a fan of great productivity apps for Android and I've found SwiftKey 1 year ago. Since then I've been writing faster and saving a lot of time. SwiftKey changes your keyboard to something more user friendly than the usual default Android keyboard. Amongst other features it has: -The...
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    How to clear apps cache in Android

    Not only your browser holds a cache, but all of your applications in your Android tablet or smartphone have a cache. A routine job to enhance the performance is to clear the cache in Android devices. If you need to free up some space on the phone the first thing to look I'd the cache as it can...
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    Preloading and Caching on Android

    Ofter you feel the need to have some contents already downloaded when you access them. That is the case if you are using a 3G connection like mine where the traffic is limited to 200mb per month or eventually if your 3G is very slow. Several Apps like Spotify, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook...
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    How to Save owner information in Locked screen?

    In this quick guide I want to take the opportunity to show you one nice and important setting for your Android phone. Because if your phone or tablet gets lost there is no easy way to return it to its owner if you don't put an ugly sticker with all your contacts in the tablet. It will work...
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