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  1. B

    video conferencing help

    Hi all, hope you're all well. I need some assistance with setting up a video conferencing room. We have a tv and spare pc's and laptops but in terms of connecting multiple microphones and a camera i may need some help. Please see image linked for the layout of the room Room Any advice would be...
  2. C

    Help needed... The audio coming from my pc is only instrumental and there are no lyrics.

    I built my pc about 7 months ago and it has been completely fine until a couple of days ago when I noticed that the audio coming from my pc's headphones was very muffled. If I listen to an instrumental song for example, it is mostly fine, however, lyrics or speaking in a video is non existant. I...
  3. M

    No Sound. Need Help?

    hey, I have come here for help because for a while now I havent been able to get any sound out of my PC, I have tried with speakers AND headphones but neither work, which makes me believe it's a problem with my PC or sound card, any ideas?
  4. GreyCell1988

    Weird Music Problem

    Ok guys hi again, another day another problem haha! This ones a bit strange. Basically when i try to play any music in any media player, it wont work, BUT if i try to open it again a second time, it will play....its really weird and totally beyond my understanding, as well its plain stupid lol...
  5. T

    No Sound

    Hi, up until a month ago i could get sound from my computer, then my speakers got thrown away by accident as they were very old. I recieved a pair of speakers (Dell Model A225) which has a green wire and a USB plug. These do not work and i have tried umpteen times to find a driver from them on...
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