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  1. P

    Windows XP Pro Booting Problem

    I don't actually know whether that title is right, you see a couple of days ago my p.c was working fine. I was messing about 1 day in the BIOS settings looking for a way of overclocking my machine. I went downstairs leaving the BIOS screen open, and my little sister :@ Started messing around...
  2. S

    Vista Boot. Help Plz

    Hi i have this problem and i can explain it below. Ok. My laptop is a hp Dv9628 Here is what happens: Step 1: HP SCREEN(PRESS F10 FOR BIOS ETC.) Step 2: windows loading bar loads. Step 3: Vista Startup Flash plays Step 4:welcome screen shows Here is were the problem lies. Screen goes black...
  3. P

    Very slow to boot-up

    Hi What would be the reason for a slow startup...as it restarts and you've got the Windows XP logo on the black screen with a blue thinking bar moving across in blocks which goes at a normal speed then slows completely down and takes 5-10 minutes to get back up to speed then move onto the...
  4. C

    help its dead

    hi guys im a complete novice on pcs,,but mine wont start up at all. all the connections are ok i have taken the back off the pc and the fan is running all the time dontknow if that os normal or not its making a clicking noise to hope you can help me thanks
  5. A

    Yahoo Mail Problem

    I think this is an OS problem but im not 100% sure. Basically as i type, my pc opens up Yahoo Mail in a new browser window, it seems it is random keys that cause this, as I have pressed each key one at a time and it never results in the same key popping up Yahoo Mail. Its getting very...
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