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  1. P

    Windows XP Pro Booting Problem

    I don't actually know whether that title is right, you see a couple of days ago my p.c was working fine. I was messing about 1 day in the BIOS settings looking for a way of overclocking my machine. I went downstairs leaving the BIOS screen open, and my little sister :@ Started messing around...
  2. mamayoda

    pc wont recognise when disc inserted

    my disk drive is a little temperamental bt now when i put a blank dvd or cd in i no longer get the popup asking what i want to do. it was fine the other day now i cant burn anything!!
  3. C

    Problems accessing work computer!!!!

    Hi guys, I bought and installed a nework router at the weekend (netgear) it works fine and I can access the internet on desktop and laptop fine. However I can now no longer access my works computer from home!!!!! Tried ringing netgear to sort but they don't seem to be able to do it. Does...
  4. C

    help its dead

    hi guys im a complete novice on pcs,,but mine wont start up at all. all the connections are ok i have taken the back off the pc and the fan is running all the time dontknow if that os normal or not its making a clicking noise to hope you can help me thanks
  5. D

    I havent a clue where to start - please help

    hi all sorry i cant post in introductions at the mo but my connection is unstable so i gotta be quick. basically i need to know how to connect my pc to a laptop (which i havent bought yet). im really useless when it comes to the terminology used so havent had much luck understanding...
  6. D

    Completely screwed up pc

    Hi My internet is just completely screwed up, I have super anti spyware installed (free version) Malwarebytes (free) installed Avast Antivirus also. Basically I cant really do anything on the net, cant search google,yahoo or log into my email, have millions of pop ups even though I have all...
  7. T

    What is the best free firewall to use ?

    Hi guys , fantastic site as many have said - just a question really what would folks consider to be the best free to use firewall - i use already NOD32 2008 VERSION Antivirus and wondered if its worth usinga firewall as well ? Kind Regards thekop0071 :)
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