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  1. N

    RAM issues?

    As stated I am totally clueless about pc's hoping this belongs here. Since I returned from a trip to denmark and installed windows 7 onto my PC i've had nothing but problems. I play World of warcraft and since I returned it's been playing with 1fps and 5fps if i'm lucky, while I was away my...
  2. S

    problem in installing intel graphic driver!

    hell all :) i formatted my Sony vaio (vista home premium) and installed all its drivers except INTEL GRAPHICS. whenever i insatlled this driver after allowing my laptop to access its setup,some times it says"fail to install driver" or says" this version is only for Microsoft vista".though i...
  3. M

    Drivers - and how to update

    I'm actually not too sure what section 'drivers' fits into, so I apologize if this is in the incorrect section. My mouse was acting ever so oddly and have purchased a new one - but my poor computer is still behaving badly. A couple of my programs have stop working properly and my scanner has...
  4. shrimply

    TV software

    Hi , I don't know if this is the right place I could of sworn there was a multimedia section but can't see one. Can any one suggest some good free TV viewing software, I have a cheap USB digital receiver, it came with blaze TV software which is rubbish and I've been using it happily with...
  5. R

    PC turns itselsf off and Restarts

    I've got a problem that is driving me mad... i recently cleared my hard drive started from scratch . my problem revolves around certain progams for example if i launch any type of media player to play music or to watch a film without any codecs installed...it works absolutely fine but as soon...
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