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dvd drive

  1. amips

    There they were - GONE!

    My 2 SATA DVD drives were OK until yesterday when they both disappeared in "COMPUTER" I've not opened the case or installed new progs, so whats caused this or more importantly - how do I get them back?
  2. N

    UDF disc problems

    Story: I used like 20 DVD discs to back up my hard drives data a few months ago to prepair for a complete system recovery since it was my only option to fix my random wireless adapter not working thing. I formatted it to UDF (Universal Disc Format) to use it like a flash drive, or so it says...
  3. D

    Lost sound

    Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the right bit to post this in (mods please move as appropriate) I've just fitted a Liteon 20x DVD rewriter to my Packard Bell computer (which is about 5 years old and using XP Home). The DVD writer is working fine but for some reason I have lost all sound from...
  4. J

    Adding a second HDD...

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I have a hard drive from a Freeview box which I'm hoping to install into my pc to add more storage space. Inside my pc, I've connected the spare power lead and the other, longer plug (not exactly sure what it's called). I restarted windows and it detected the...
  5. S

    My pc hasnt detected my new dvd rw drive

    Hi there My original cd rw drive was broken so I bought a dvd rw drive to replace it. Im not that clued up on replacing parts in a pc but it seemed straight forward. Its a LINEON but i didnt take a note of the model. The problem is this, although the new drive seems to be working ok (it...
  6. R

    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi. Not sure if I have same problem as another post but my CD and DVD drives dont work. When checking with device manager I get message Windows cannot start hardware device.Its config info in the registry is incomplete or damaged CODE 19. Should I try the fix suggested to the registry?
  7. A

    DVD RW wont read

    I have a ASUS DRW - 2014 L1T DVD-RW installed on a Vista-32 sp1 desktop PC. Recently it has stopped reading or recognising data DVDs (game, data, etc). It does recognise and play movie DVDs or CDs though. Nothing wrong with the failed DVDs as they work fine on different PCs. When I insert a...
  8. P

    Very slow to boot-up

    Hi What would be the reason for a slow startup...as it restarts and you've got the Windows XP logo on the black screen with a blue thinking bar moving across in blocks which goes at a normal speed then slows completely down and takes 5-10 minutes to get back up to speed then move onto the...
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