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  1. T

    Error 0x0000007F BSoD

    Hi all, how you doin'!? Second post of the evening and I'm really looking for some friendly help here, coz I'm buggered if I know how to fix this latest problem. Yesterday my PC was working fine, no problems at all. Then, when I turned it on today as soon as I logged on I had the dreaded...
  2. J

    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N ATA will not work...Please Help!!

    I have an Acer 4620z and my HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N ATA, just stopped working, I have checked the device manager and there is an exclamation point over the disc drive. I have tried to uninstall the driver and reboot, that did not work, I tried to update driver software and that didnt work...
  3. R

    error deleting file or folder - in use by another person or program

    Hi I downloaded he client for Dark Age of Camalot (online game) left the pc overnight (big download) in the morning it crashed (hung) the file is sitting on my desktop at 0 bytes and i cannot delete it. Tried restarting in safe node too... win xp media centre edition sp3 2gig ram fatality...
  4. D

    Please Help.

    Well basically, when i go to shut down my computer it freezes when it gets to "Windows is shutting down", but it only freezes if my pc has been on for longer than around 30mins/hour. When i go to shut down my computer using start, i get an error message about dumprep and something like...
  5. P

    Very slow to boot-up

    Hi What would be the reason for a slow startup...as it restarts and you've got the Windows XP logo on the black screen with a blue thinking bar moving across in blocks which goes at a normal speed then slows completely down and takes 5-10 minutes to get back up to speed then move onto the...
  6. shrimply

    TV software

    Hi , I don't know if this is the right place I could of sworn there was a multimedia section but can't see one. Can any one suggest some good free TV viewing software, I have a cheap USB digital receiver, it came with blaze TV software which is rubbish and I've been using it happily with...
  7. R

    PC turns itselsf off and Restarts

    I've got a problem that is driving me mad... i recently cleared my hard drive started from scratch . my problem revolves around certain progams for example if i launch any type of media player to play music or to watch a film without any codecs installed...it works absolutely fine but as soon...
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