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  1. S

    capturing search results

    How could I capture in editable format, the entire results a search, which may be several screens long ? Most convenient would be a spread sheet, since the results are in tabular form.
  2. F

    can't access certain files

    I'm using Windows XP Home. Mozilla Firefox. I'm unable to access files in My Documents, and I can't even get Control Panel in order to do a System Restore. I can get online OK, but can't work offline. Each time I switch off, the PC installs 4 updates. It seems odd to have 4 updates each time...
  3. U

    Help - wuauclt.exe encountered a problem and needs to close

    just started gettin this error wuault.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close can anyone help cheers
  4. T

    Can't open .org.uk websites :(

    OK, not sure if it’s a Vista problem but here goes , A few months ago I found out that I couldn’t get any .org.uk websites to open. '.org' work ok, but not '.org.uk .' I’ve asked everybody I know but …:confused2: Running Vista home premium, and internet explorer Hope you can help :D
  5. Goku

    Microsoft / AOL E-Mail Tracking

    Received this email today from one of my contacts. Attached to it were fifteen "real-life" testimonies and when, I saw the CC list, it was forwarded to at least 35 other people! I can't believe people are stupid enough to believe this. I have advised them many times but it seems that they are...
  6. DSTM

    Flash Issues

    When I click on the link here ,I get this.Any clues?Guys.
  7. M

    explorer has stopped working

    I am running vista premium. When I try to open the control panel I get this error message, Windows Explorer has stopped working option 1 - check online for a solution and restart the program. Option 2- Restart the program. Obviously it never finds a solution just hap-hazardly restarts leaving...
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