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  1. Quacker

    Firefox - "Server not found" revisited

    Just lately, and this is a brand new machine, I seem to be getting this everyday, sometimes twice per day. Usually I unplug the modem for a few minutes and it works. Today however, I reverterd to IE and it is working fine. This tells me it is not the internet connection but Firefox. What...
  2. M

    I miss my Netscape ...

    While trying to Christmas shop on line last night, never more have I missed my poor Netscape - gentle sigh. While I've switched to FireFox, the part I miss about Netscape the most is the 'what's related' section that used to show on the right side of the screen. With it, no matter what type of...
  3. T

    Can't open .org.uk websites :(

    OK, not sure if it’s a Vista problem but here goes , A few months ago I found out that I couldn’t get any .org.uk websites to open. '.org' work ok, but not '.org.uk .' I’ve asked everybody I know but …:confused2: Running Vista home premium, and internet explorer Hope you can help :D
  4. DSTM

    Flash Issues

    When I click on the link here ,I get this.Any clues?Guys.
  5. D

    Visited web sites

    Hi,i'm with the 3.0.1 version,and i have still vitied web sites in the web address bar,i made the option to delete everything visited after firefox close but they are still there,how can i remove them?
  6. W

    Firefox latest versions

    Unless you have Auto Update set in Firefox you may not know that the latest version is now 3.5.2 Get the latest version here All future versions will be shown here.
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