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  1. S

    capturing search results

    How could I capture in editable format, the entire results a search, which may be several screens long ? Most convenient would be a spread sheet, since the results are in tabular form.
  2. Chriscan

    Format and reload XP

    Hello im hoping that someone might be able to help me out.I gave my Daughter an old PC that i had with Windows XP already loaded onto it. I would like to completely format the Hard Drive and re-load Xp onto making it a "clean" system etc. When i boot from the Windows XP disc that i have(fully...
  3. M


    I'm trying to format my 500GB external HD into FAT32 so it can be read by my Xbox 360 when I start putting new data on it. Theres no option to do it to FAT32 in windows, on NTFS. A friend of mine told me that Windows XP Pro doesn't allow you to do this. I tried doing it via the Command...
  4. A

    Help Please

    Hi im new here and need a bit of help please, I have 2 computers one upstairs and one down both running xp pro i want to reformat on of them but want to use the rite disk is there a way of finding out version build etc from the disk itself. Thanks colin
  5. J

    Assign partition letter

    I created a partition ('C' drive) for Windows during windows set up. How do I assign a letter to the remaining partition now that Windows is fully set up.
  6. W

    USB Problems

    I very recently bought a new HP DX2400 MT with Windows XP Professional SP2 and an new HP Notebook with Windows Vista. I transferred my existing files from my old computer to the DX2400 using a memory stick. After setting up the Internet connection an automatic update loaded SP3 to this computer...
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