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  1. J

    xbox 360 and normal hard-drive

    hey ppl,just a quick quesiton.I am looking to buy a xbox 360 but on a budget (im a student lol) so i was looking at the xbox arcade version,i m sure everyone knows here that the arcade version comes with no hard drive.I have a external hard drive,could it be possible to plug in my external hard...
  2. L

    Computer is Freezing

    Hi, im new here and hope ive added this post in the correct section. Ive recently came back from holiday and im now getting problems with my computer. Whats happening is when im trying to run multiple programs im getting a strange click from the hard drive area and the certain program and...
  3. L

    about my local disk

    it seems i somehow lost access to it. when i double click on it, it asks me to choose in the list of programs to open it. how can i regain access to it??help me plz
  4. G

    Please help...severe loss of memory

    Hi, I have 293GB of memory on my pc. I had a scratch disk error on photoshop CS3 and ever since then my memory has suddenly dropped to only 15GB's left. Prior to this error i had around 200+GB. I know that i only use around 30GB for the likes of music and image files. Does anyone have...
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