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  1. U

    Help - wuauclt.exe encountered a problem and needs to close

    just started gettin this error wuault.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close can anyone help cheers
  2. D

    Completely screwed up pc

    Hi My internet is just completely screwed up, I have super anti spyware installed (free version) Malwarebytes (free) installed Avast Antivirus also. Basically I cant really do anything on the net, cant search google,yahoo or log into my email, have millions of pop ups even though I have all...
  3. Goku

    My HijackThis Log

    Well, it seems that I have got infected. Yesterday, during my scheduled scan in Avira, it found a Trojan but was unable to remove it for some reason. I tried again on boot but Avira was still unable to remove it. The file shows in the log too. I cannot download anything unless its a *.zip...
  4. J

    my laptops messed up please help

    Hello all, firstly thankyou for taking time to read my post. My problem is that my browser keeps getting redirected to other sites, some of which are adult , also my laptop has slowed down alot since this happened. could someone help me please regards james
  5. DSTM

    McAfee Site Advisor.

    Hi Guys,Went to download Smilies from one of your Advertizments and got this from Site Advisor.Should I disregard and download?Just being cautious. Thanks.
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