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  1. R

    OpenDNS issues

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've been using OpenDNS for years, I have a free account and have it set to block things I don't want - had it before they started Family Safe. Today when I started my PC I couldn't connect to anything online. My wifi was working fine, checked it with my...
  2. amips

    How do I stop intermittent but frequent, loss of packets.

    My internet is glitching and after a quick test using pingtest.net via IE9 it says the test has failed due to packet loss, but everything else passed. Tried multiple servers and Firefox 3 - same result. Uninstalled IE9 & rolled back to 8, but still same. Only had this prob for a few days now -...
  3. Quacker

    Firefox - "Server not found" revisited

    Just lately, and this is a brand new machine, I seem to be getting this everyday, sometimes twice per day. Usually I unplug the modem for a few minutes and it works. Today however, I reverterd to IE and it is working fine. This tells me it is not the internet connection but Firefox. What...
  4. U

    Help - wuauclt.exe encountered a problem and needs to close

    just started gettin this error wuault.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close can anyone help cheers
  5. T

    Can't open .org.uk websites :(

    OK, not sure if it’s a Vista problem but here goes , A few months ago I found out that I couldn’t get any .org.uk websites to open. '.org' work ok, but not '.org.uk .' I’ve asked everybody I know but …:confused2: Running Vista home premium, and internet explorer Hope you can help :D
  6. S

    Something blocking IE

    Hi, i've been having a couple of problems with my internet. Whenever i open internet explorer i get the message "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". i have checked my connection to the internet and everything seems to be working fine, i even contacted my internet service...
  7. Goku

    Microsoft / AOL E-Mail Tracking

    Received this email today from one of my contacts. Attached to it were fifteen "real-life" testimonies and when, I saw the CC list, it was forwarded to at least 35 other people! I can't believe people are stupid enough to believe this. I have advised them many times but it seems that they are...
  8. DSTM

    Flash Issues

    When I click on the link here ,I get this.Any clues?Guys.
  9. E


    Hi my wireless network had a problem and I had to reset everything (Speedtouch 585 v6 and speedtouch wireless). My problem now is that if I start Zonealarm I cannot connect to the internet. I am using windows firewall at the moment but, would prefer Zonealarm. I seem to have all the right IPs...
  10. D

    I havent a clue where to start - please help

    hi all sorry i cant post in introductions at the mo but my connection is unstable so i gotta be quick. basically i need to know how to connect my pc to a laptop (which i havent bought yet). im really useless when it comes to the terminology used so havent had much luck understanding...
  11. P

    > Web Pages Not Loading Properly On Any Browser.

    Hi all, I've got a really annoying problem when surfing the internet. Quite often the pages won't load or will show a blank page. When using Firefox I get a message saying "Transferring data from xxxxx" and the page never appears. If I hit refresh it sometimes loads a tiny amount of the screen...
  12. J

    I got problems :(

    Hi, To anyone who can help, Yesterday i tried to get an internet connection at an airport, as i was waiting to connect my flight was boarding so i closed down my laptop and boarded. Today i get home and switched my laptop on, i realised i wasnt automatically connected to my wireless internet...
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