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  1. L

    [Solved] Asus Strix Flare UK Layout

    Hey first post here. So I've lived with it for quite a while now but it still bugs me, i have the UK layout of the Asus Strix Flare keyboard and the keyboard settings under language options in Windows 10 says United Kingdom layout but for some reason the '|' and '¦' are in each others place to...
  2. M

    Typing faster with SwiftKey

    I am a fan of great productivity apps for Android and I've found SwiftKey 1 year ago. Since then I've been writing faster and saving a lot of time. SwiftKey changes your keyboard to something more user friendly than the usual default Android keyboard. Amongst other features it has: -The...
  3. ONY


    Hiya guys, im asking this on behalf of a friend who is having a problem with the keys on her computer. Apparantly when she clicks on the left side shift key it goes into stanby and the right side shift key shuts her computer down. She is using XP....any help on why this would be happening would...
  4. rebeccaamyc

    Laptop keys again!

    Hi, I've been reading Grandad's post and thread with intent as this is exactly the same problem I am having, I really hope someone can help as it is driving me crazy!! Many thanks in advance. I have a FS series Sony Vaio and it's out of warranty unfortunately. Model no. VGN-FS315E (with grey...
  5. A

    two different mouse and keboard?

    i'm looking in getting a wireless mouse and keyboard! but want a slim keyboard (not sure wot type yet) and the Mx1000 mouse! now i know that you get a receiver are you able to use a different keyboard, connected through this?? so not havin to use another usb port up. Cheers P.S. my laptop...
  6. A

    Yahoo Mail Problem

    I think this is an OS problem but im not 100% sure. Basically as i type, my pc opens up Yahoo Mail in a new browser window, it seems it is random keys that cause this, as I have pressed each key one at a time and it never results in the same key popping up Yahoo Mail. Its getting very...
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