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  1. C

    Overclocking laptop

    is there a guide to overclocking a laptop laptop is an pavilion dv6000 with windows vista home p
  2. P

    New PC or Laptop?

    Hi all I’m a newbie to this forum but have built 3 or 4 systems down the years so have a basic understanding of what’s what. My last build was about 3 years ago (AMD64 San Diego 3700, MSI K8T Neo, FX5900XT, etc) which I’ve regularly upgraded but it has now ‘died’ on me. I need to replace my...
  3. D

    black screen issue

    Hi again all finnaly put my satelite pro 6100 back together with a new fan, everything seemed fine but nothing on the screen I plugged in my monitor from the desktop pc and it is ok, rechecked all the plugs stripped the screen to see if I had pulled the ribbon out reconnected everything but...
  4. rebeccaamyc

    Laptop keys again!

    Hi, I've been reading Grandad's post and thread with intent as this is exactly the same problem I am having, I really hope someone can help as it is driving me crazy!! Many thanks in advance. I have a FS series Sony Vaio and it's out of warranty unfortunately. Model no. VGN-FS315E (with grey...
  5. C

    XP Startup - Password Screen - Keys/Mouse Pad Not Working

    I have an Acer Aspire 5672 with Windows XP Home Edition. Yesterday I started up my laptop and it did a disk check and found no problems then went to the password screen. Once it got to that screen none of the keys on my laptop worked and neither did my mouse pad so couldn't put the password in...
  6. J

    my laptops messed up please help

    Hello all, firstly thankyou for taking time to read my post. My problem is that my browser keeps getting redirected to other sites, some of which are adult , also my laptop has slowed down alot since this happened. could someone help me please regards james
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