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  1. G

    virtual drive on cd or dvd?

    Is there a way to make a DVD/RW into a 'drive' from which folders and files can be dragged, dropped, erased, etc. individually?
  2. R

    error deleting file or folder - in use by another person or program

    Hi I downloaded he client for Dark Age of Camalot (online game) left the pc overnight (big download) in the morning it crashed (hung) the file is sitting on my desktop at 0 bytes and i cannot delete it. Tried restarting in safe node too... win xp media centre edition sp3 2gig ram fatality...
  3. B

    connection trouble

    hey, so, I'm staying at my Grandma's for a few weeks. I turn on the pc this morning, it says that a system file has been corrupted. I decide (knowing very little about computers), to just re-install XP Media Center Version 05 and start a-fresh. Now, my Grandma's pc used to give me a lot...
  4. R

    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi. Not sure if I have same problem as another post but my CD and DVD drives dont work. When checking with device manager I get message Windows cannot start hardware device.Its config info in the registry is incomplete or damaged CODE 19. Should I try the fix suggested to the registry?
  5. A

    DVD RW wont read

    I have a ASUS DRW - 2014 L1T DVD-RW installed on a Vista-32 sp1 desktop PC. Recently it has stopped reading or recognising data DVDs (game, data, etc). It does recognise and play movie DVDs or CDs though. Nothing wrong with the failed DVDs as they work fine on different PCs. When I insert a...
  6. B

    Platte Media

    I Signed On To My Computer The Other Day To Find A Software Called Platte Media Had Installed Itself Onto My Computer And Is Asking Me To Pay £30 To Uninstall It Off. Tried To Delete It And It Just Keeps Coming Back Even After I Used Add/Remove Programmes And Removed It That Way It Still Came...
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