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  1. J

    Assign partition letter

    I created a partition ('C' drive) for Windows during windows set up. How do I assign a letter to the remaining partition now that Windows is fully set up.
  2. A

    DVD RW wont read

    I have a ASUS DRW - 2014 L1T DVD-RW installed on a Vista-32 sp1 desktop PC. Recently it has stopped reading or recognising data DVDs (game, data, etc). It does recognise and play movie DVDs or CDs though. Nothing wrong with the failed DVDs as they work fine on different PCs. When I insert a...
  3. Goku

    Microsoft / AOL E-Mail Tracking

    Received this email today from one of my contacts. Attached to it were fifteen "real-life" testimonies and when, I saw the CC list, it was forwarded to at least 35 other people! I can't believe people are stupid enough to believe this. I have advised them many times but it seems that they are...
  4. Dalo Harkin

    Microsoft faces FTC probe in Taiwan over Vista

    Many people and businesses have been upset by how Microsoft deployed Windows Vista and has treated Windows XP since. The strongest form of protest for most of them was simply choosing not to use Windows Vista, such as when Intel decided to skip and wait for Windows 7. That's fair enough, but...
  5. P

    Flight Simulator X install problem.

    Hello, first post... I did do a search but couldn't trace this one. Just bought a new PC: Zoostorm Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 1TB 4GB DVD RW NVIDIA 8500GT 512MB Vista Home Premium - Ebuyer and this monitor: **£40 Cashback** Samsung T220 22" TFT Monitor 1680x1050 20,000:1 2ms VGA/DVI Rose Black...
  6. Dalo Harkin

    Samsung and Microsoft in talks to speed up SSDs on Vista

    A couple of weeks ago SanDisk criticised Windows Vista for not being optimized for solid state drives. Now Samsung seems to be confirming such claims, but it is also hoping to work with Microsoft in order to overcome these limitations. Windows, logically enough, has always been optimized to...
  7. Dalo Harkin

    Microsoft readies 12 fixes for next Patch Tuesday

    IT system administrators will be extremely busy this month, with Microsoft announcing it is prepping 12 security fixes for its next Patch Tuesday release – seven of which are labeled as “critical” and have the potential to allow remote code execution. Four of the seven critical updates address...
  8. Dalo Harkin

    Windows XP still outselling Vista

    As we approach Vista's second birthday and distance ourselves from the launch of XP further, you might assume that Microsoft would have had enough time to make Vista attractive enough for people to prefer it over XP. DirectX 10 exclusivity, restricting vendors from selling XP, marketing...
  9. R

    MS Office 2007 updates failing to install on XP Pro

    Hi I have recently had to reinstall MS Office 2007 due to a registry error I was receiving in PowerPoint. Since reloading the whole office suite back onto my laptop windows updates have appeared for the different office programs. I have checked Add & Remove programs and none appear but each...
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