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  1. Cheemag

    Can't Access Drive on Local Net

    Hello, I use a redundant 1TB HDD drive L:\ in a USB caddy as a backup drive on computer //BB Second computer //AA sees the drive on the local net but no way will it allow access to either the whole drive or to shared folders on it. A flash drive, also on \\BB with the same settings, can be...
  2. amips

    How do I stop intermittent but frequent, loss of packets.

    My internet is glitching and after a quick test using pingtest.net via IE9 it says the test has failed due to packet loss, but everything else passed. Tried multiple servers and Firefox 3 - same result. Uninstalled IE9 & rolled back to 8, but still same. Only had this prob for a few days now -...
  3. C

    Wireless network

    Hi I am a newbee and new to this I am having pc problems (obviously) I cannot see the wireless network and i now have no light on the front of the laptop. Any suggestions please :) :mad:
  4. J

    Left 4 Dead Problems

    hey ppl,hope every1 had a gr8 xmas. i got a small problem with left 4dead,installation went fine,the game works perfectly even on high settings but now every time i try to run the game it crashes. the game is throu steam so i load up steam then i luanch the game,the game loads i get to the...
  5. J

    I got problems :(

    Hi, To anyone who can help, Yesterday i tried to get an internet connection at an airport, as i was waiting to connect my flight was boarding so i closed down my laptop and boarded. Today i get home and switched my laptop on, i realised i wasnt automatically connected to my wireless internet...
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