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  1. F

    can't access certain files

    I'm using Windows XP Home. Mozilla Firefox. I'm unable to access files in My Documents, and I can't even get Control Panel in order to do a System Restore. I can get online OK, but can't work offline. Each time I switch off, the PC installs 4 updates. It seems odd to have 4 updates each time...
  2. U

    Help - wuauclt.exe encountered a problem and needs to close

    just started gettin this error wuault.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close can anyone help cheers
  3. S

    Vista Boot. Help Plz

    Hi i have this problem and i can explain it below. Ok. My laptop is a hp Dv9628 Here is what happens: Step 1: HP SCREEN(PRESS F10 FOR BIOS ETC.) Step 2: windows loading bar loads. Step 3: Vista Startup Flash plays Step 4:welcome screen shows Here is were the problem lies. Screen goes black...
  4. R

    CD/DVD drives not recognised

    Hi. Not sure if I have same problem as another post but my CD and DVD drives dont work. When checking with device manager I get message Windows cannot start hardware device.Its config info in the registry is incomplete or damaged CODE 19. Should I try the fix suggested to the registry?
  5. P

    Very slow to boot-up

    Hi What would be the reason for a slow startup...as it restarts and you've got the Windows XP logo on the black screen with a blue thinking bar moving across in blocks which goes at a normal speed then slows completely down and takes 5-10 minutes to get back up to speed then move onto the...
  6. R

    PC turns itselsf off and Restarts

    I've got a problem that is driving me mad... i recently cleared my hard drive started from scratch . my problem revolves around certain progams for example if i launch any type of media player to play music or to watch a film without any codecs installed...it works absolutely fine but as soon...
  7. GreyCell1988

    Weird Music Problem

    Ok guys hi again, another day another problem haha! This ones a bit strange. Basically when i try to play any music in any media player, it wont work, BUT if i try to open it again a second time, it will play....its really weird and totally beyond my understanding, as well its plain stupid lol...
  8. T

    Built PC - Please Help With Problem!

    hi, i have started a project of building a pc desktop and i bought all the parts from ebuyer i connected it all up and so on ect ect. now when i press the power on button on the case they fans start spinning the lights light up and everything seems to be working but the screen goes straight in...
  9. R

    MS Office 2007 updates failing to install on XP Pro

    Hi I have recently had to reinstall MS Office 2007 due to a registry error I was receiving in PowerPoint. Since reloading the whole office suite back onto my laptop windows updates have appeared for the different office programs. I have checked Add & Remove programs and none appear but each...
  10. E


    Hi my wireless network had a problem and I had to reset everything (Speedtouch 585 v6 and speedtouch wireless). My problem now is that if I start Zonealarm I cannot connect to the internet. I am using windows firewall at the moment but, would prefer Zonealarm. I seem to have all the right IPs...
  11. S

    Radio Just Randomly comes ON!!

    Hi guys please help - I Installed Vista Ultimate - and 2 weeks later - what seems to be american radio stations just randomly start blasting through my speakers for about 5 secs and then stops. Happens 2 times a day normaly and i'm really freaked out! :(:(:(:(:( - Tried Anti Virusing - ad aware...
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