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  1. J

    Left 4 Dead Problems

    hey ppl,hope every1 had a gr8 xmas. i got a small problem with left 4dead,installation went fine,the game works perfectly even on high settings but now every time i try to run the game it crashes. the game is throu steam so i load up steam then i luanch the game,the game loads i get to the...
  2. D

    SP3 cant uninstall

    after installing sp3 i have been having problems with my pc being really slow. i want to uninstall and see if thth is the problem but when i try and uninstall i get the message 'the system cannot find the file specified'. please help
  3. S

    What Happened to Scanner&Camera Wizard?

    Goku, in another thread, was trying to help me with my non-functioning Scanner&Camera Wizard. He set me up with the "fix camera wizard". I ran that and still could not find the wizard. I'm starting this new thread because the other had become populated with too many issues. I then started...
  4. D

    Lost sound

    Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the right bit to post this in (mods please move as appropriate) I've just fitted a Liteon 20x DVD rewriter to my Packard Bell computer (which is about 5 years old and using XP Home). The DVD writer is working fine but for some reason I have lost all sound from...
  5. D

    Please Help.

    Well basically, when i go to shut down my computer it freezes when it gets to "Windows is shutting down", but it only freezes if my pc has been on for longer than around 30mins/hour. When i go to shut down my computer using start, i get an error message about dumprep and something like...
  6. A

    DVD RW wont read

    I have a ASUS DRW - 2014 L1T DVD-RW installed on a Vista-32 sp1 desktop PC. Recently it has stopped reading or recognising data DVDs (game, data, etc). It does recognise and play movie DVDs or CDs though. Nothing wrong with the failed DVDs as they work fine on different PCs. When I insert a...
  7. C

    XP Startup - Password Screen - Keys/Mouse Pad Not Working

    I have an Acer Aspire 5672 with Windows XP Home Edition. Yesterday I started up my laptop and it did a disk check and found no problems then went to the password screen. Once it got to that screen none of the keys on my laptop worked and neither did my mouse pad so couldn't put the password in...
  8. DSTM

    Text Snowy.

    Hi Guys.This is the old PC. The text on the Monitor went Snowy.By that I mean white around the edges.It is a 19" LCD Flat Screen.Happened all of a sudden. Its a CHIMEI CMV936A. I Googled and can seem to find a help TUT to fine tune it. Just out of Warranty. Any help appreciated.:)
  9. P

    error 1058

    Not so great at this stuff. I update windows info. since then i cannot get my printer to work. when i go to start the spooler this message comes up Could not start Printer Spooler on local computer. Error 1058: The service could not be started either because it is disabled or because it...
  10. W

    USB Problems

    I very recently bought a new HP DX2400 MT with Windows XP Professional SP2 and an new HP Notebook with Windows Vista. I transferred my existing files from my old computer to the DX2400 using a memory stick. After setting up the Internet connection an automatic update loaded SP3 to this computer...
  11. Goku

    Problems Forwarding Email

    I received this email from a friend today. Having never used AIM myself, I found this problem is very peculiar indeed and I could not find a solution to it. Thought I would better leave it to the experts. Any suggestions on what he can try to resolve the problem? Thanks in advance. :)...
  12. DSTM

    Flash Issues

    When I click on the link here ,I get this.Any clues?Guys.
  13. T

    No Sound

    Hi, up until a month ago i could get sound from my computer, then my speakers got thrown away by accident as they were very old. I recieved a pair of speakers (Dell Model A225) which has a green wire and a USB plug. These do not work and i have tried umpteen times to find a driver from them on...
  14. rowal5555

    Headphone/mic problem

    This set works fine on a laptop but refuses to cooperate on either the front or back inputs of the desktop. No sign of trouble in device manager. On trying to test in CP/Sounds, just get a very loud WAH WAH sound on playback. Any clues?. Cheers
  15. C

    Problems accessing work computer!!!!

    Hi guys, I bought and installed a nework router at the weekend (netgear) it works fine and I can access the internet on desktop and laptop fine. However I can now no longer access my works computer from home!!!!! Tried ringing netgear to sort but they don't seem to be able to do it. Does...
  16. P

    Flight Simulator X install problem.

    Hello, first post... I did do a search but couldn't trace this one. Just bought a new PC: Zoostorm Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 1TB 4GB DVD RW NVIDIA 8500GT 512MB Vista Home Premium - Ebuyer and this monitor: **£40 Cashback** Samsung T220 22" TFT Monitor 1680x1050 20,000:1 2ms VGA/DVI Rose Black...
  17. I

    Digital photo woes

    Hello all ,as far as computers are concerned im a complete novice really so I could really use some help! My wife recently borrowed a friends sd card out of their camera so she could put their photos on our pc, she put the sd card into our own camera and loaded the pics onto the pc , sounds...
  18. Goku

    Monitor Issues

    I have a friend who is having some problems with his Graphics Card. Here is what his problem is like: Since I am no good with hardware issues, I know that asking you all be my best option. Any input is appreciated. :) -- Goku
  19. D

    I havent a clue where to start - please help

    hi all sorry i cant post in introductions at the mo but my connection is unstable so i gotta be quick. basically i need to know how to connect my pc to a laptop (which i havent bought yet). im really useless when it comes to the terminology used so havent had much luck understanding...
  20. P

    > Web Pages Not Loading Properly On Any Browser.

    Hi all, I've got a really annoying problem when surfing the internet. Quite often the pages won't load or will show a blank page. When using Firefox I get a message saying "Transferring data from xxxxx" and the page never appears. If I hit refresh it sometimes loads a tiny amount of the screen...
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