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  1. R

    error deleting file or folder - in use by another person or program

    Hi I downloaded he client for Dark Age of Camalot (online game) left the pc overnight (big download) in the morning it crashed (hung) the file is sitting on my desktop at 0 bytes and i cannot delete it. Tried restarting in safe node too... win xp media centre edition sp3 2gig ram fatality...
  2. K

    File recovery programme. Big Help needed

    I have just found out that a file of my daughters with photo's of her late nan was not backed up to my ext hd, so after my recent troubles and system re load etc the file is not there. My repair man ran file scavenger and it came up with 1000's of jpegs but they either won't open even in...
  3. Goku

    Microsoft / AOL E-Mail Tracking

    Received this email today from one of my contacts. Attached to it were fifteen "real-life" testimonies and when, I saw the CC list, it was forwarded to at least 35 other people! I can't believe people are stupid enough to believe this. I have advised them many times but it seems that they are...
  4. B

    Trojan Found - Can't Delete; Shared With Another File!

    just as i thought i had got rid of platte media i am now wondering if it is trying to attatch itself to big fish games which I have been using for years without problems. Avast has found the trojan but cannot remove because it is shared with big fish games. What should i do next?? Am at a...
  5. F

    sccfg.sys - what does it mean?

    This item keeps appearing as a rootkit-hidden in my BitDefender scan. What does it mean and is it malicious? Please help.
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