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  1. R

    Volume Control

    This is something very very minor but its bugging the hell out of me! The volume control has dissapeared from my system tray and i cant seem to get it back. On properties > customize (right click in the system tray) volume control is not there either as an option for dislay. I know ive...
  2. P

    Windows XP Pro Booting Problem

    I don't actually know whether that title is right, you see a couple of days ago my p.c was working fine. I was messing about 1 day in the BIOS settings looking for a way of overclocking my machine. I went downstairs leaving the BIOS screen open, and my little sister :@ Started messing around...
  3. S

    Something blocking IE

    Hi, i've been having a couple of problems with my internet. Whenever i open internet explorer i get the message "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". i have checked my connection to the internet and everything seems to be working fine, i even contacted my internet service...
  4. J

    Virtual Memory

    Are there recommended values for virtual memory settings? I have 2 GB Ram and my hard drive capacity is 75GB with 24GB used and 51GB spare. In the performance options screen under the advanced tab the virtual memory is 2047. In the virtual memory screen the total paging file size for all drives...
  5. D

    Please help me

    My computer has suddenly slowed down.And what ever i uninstall it comes back on the next reboot.Another thing is that my saved games are washed until certain level.My schools are about to start please get me rid of this problem.
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