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  1. R

    [Solved] Gmail web page error

    Just wondering if anyone else has encountered the error below, when I use my bookmark to go to my Gmail page I get this error, when I search for the page and log in it seems to work, then I save it as a new bookmark and the next time I get this again. There is a "Try again" button below the...
  2. Quacker

    Firefox - "Server not found" revisited

    Just lately, and this is a brand new machine, I seem to be getting this everyday, sometimes twice per day. Usually I unplug the modem for a few minutes and it works. Today however, I reverterd to IE and it is working fine. This tells me it is not the internet connection but Firefox. What...
  3. T

    toolbar problem

    hpcompaq 610 (7ultimate), 2ghz dual core t5780, 2gb ram, 160gb hdd. whilst browsing using firefox, i was encouraged to download, (with uninstaller), a toolbar from "on the box" - a tv listings website. now i cannot find the uninstaller and the thing seems to be giving me problems. any...
  4. S

    capturing search results

    How could I capture in editable format, the entire results a search, which may be several screens long ? Most convenient would be a spread sheet, since the results are in tabular form.
  5. A

    display on bootup,not at desktop

    Hi, my pc running xp home has an issue; when booting up and windows loading screen,there is windows loading bar etc, on the screen,but when it comes to the desktop, the screen is blank. I know it's loaded, because the welcome sound comes on, and i hear the "pop" sound of a new notification. The...
  6. kevh

    Win 98 Bios screen password????.

    Hi :) I have an old 98 PIII pc i just use for accounts was running fine but had recently started needing Bios battery replacing (thought it only effected clock so didnt rush to do it!) Then to daycomes up with options f1 and f2 with somethin about monitor adapter but when selected goes to...
  7. J

    windows faild to connect to windoows dervice

    vista home basic,Hi grade laptop, when starting up laptop all is fine till i log in then the screen goes blank for 5 min, when pc comes on message says failed to connect to windows service.windows service could not connect to the system event notification service.This problem prevents limited...
  8. L

    Want to upgrade graphics

    Hi new to all this and bought a desktop which is fine for internet browsing, email etc but when i try to play games (empire total war) its a bit slow. The system is acer 3641 uk version with vista home premium 32 bit. cpu is core2 quad q6600. 640 hard drive and i think 3 gig of ram. from...
  9. D

    Slow Sony Vaio

    Hi - im new here, so hello :) Recently my computer (Sony Vaio VGN-NR11S/S) has been running very slowly, and had a few problems with IE too. It randomly decides to "not respond" and closes periodically. I have some tools that I use quite a bit such as CCleaner and AVG to try and keep my PC up...
  10. T

    delivery manage stopped working?

    recently, everytime i start up my toshiba laptop a mini window appears and states that the delivery manager has stopped working. yesterday i had to start in safe mode before restarting normally again. i get the feeling that all is not well with the machine. one other point maybe relevant is that...
  11. M

    Lost the Colour Red

    OOOOPs!!!! I have lost the colour red on my pc. This is why people who know nothing about pc's should not mess. I have tried all my connections, turned off everything and re booted the computer still no joy. I have checked the properties on my computer and in devisce manager I have 2...
  12. DSTM

    MSCONFIG Question.

    Hi Guys,Under Services a number of services have stopped after them. How am I to know what should be stopped and not? Thanks. This PC is still behaving like a Pig,and trying to suss out.:)
  13. R

    2nd Display Out of Range

    I am tryimg to use a 14" LCD TV as a 2nd Monitor, connected to my graphics card. If I set the display to clone mode it works fine. But when I set it in extended mode to use as another monitor, I get the message OUT OF RANGE on the TV.
  14. C

    Internet Explorer problem?

    Hi, I have a problem which I've tried searching around for but can't find any cases specifically similar to mine so I've joined this forum to ask for any help! I have a list of Favourites and all the links have always worked fine - but now, when I try and access William Hill I get the...
  15. D

    email problem

    Hi Guys. I am on BT internet and have a problem when I go into my email every now and then,more often now than it was. What happens is when I open up the inbox the system freezes and then trys to open up windows explorer looking for the address ad.manager etc. It then cant find website so opens...
  16. M

    Loggin in with 2 names

    Hi! When I first set up my computer with XP I shared my computer with a partner. Now she is gone. Is there any way that I can delete her name from logging on so that when Windows starts up it goes straight into desk top without asking which one of us is logging on.
  17. P

    USB PCI card not working

    Hello I hope someone could help me with this little problem. I have recently brought a USB PCI card for my aunties PC, her existing two USB slots on her motherboard have stopped working the slots have become loose so i thought adding new ones would be easy. Well i added the card into the...
  18. S

    Firefox help needed please

    This morning my browser firefox is not working it was fine last night on facebook any ideas this is what im getting only on some web sites ? Connection Interrupted The document contains no data. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.:mad:
  19. N

    Corrupt installation problem?

    Every time i try to install a program, for instance nvidia's graphic drivers,on my desktop, I always get a corrupt installation on the installation. I tried redownloading the application and installing it countless times but to no avail. But, when I download it from the same site with my laptop...
  20. DSTM

    outlook Express issue

    Hi Guys.Outlook Express works OK,But in Windows when I right click on a File,select send to Recipient,when I click OK,everything vanishes and the Email box doesn't show to fill in like previous.Any clues Guys? What I do see till everything vanishes, is a file exchange box,that seems to be...
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