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  1. A

    Help! I've deleted sounds from my pc

    Hi all, I seem to have done something rather dumb. my pc (toshiba portege) was running really slowly, and a friend said to delete programs I didn't use. So i went into Control Panel-> add or remove programs, and deleted what i thought was a sound recording software I'd added. But, weirdly...
  2. T

    dell sound problem

    on my sons oldish dell dimension 4700, there is no sound. i reformatted the hdd and obtained the drivers from dell with the service tag. i'm pretty sure i've the correct driver for the machine but still no sound. the speakers i have tried on another machine and they are ok. in the bios i tried...
  3. R

    Volume Control

    This is something very very minor but its bugging the hell out of me! The volume control has dissapeared from my system tray and i cant seem to get it back. On properties > customize (right click in the system tray) volume control is not there either as an option for dislay. I know ive...
  4. J

    Left 4 Dead Problems

    hey ppl,hope every1 had a gr8 xmas. i got a small problem with left 4dead,installation went fine,the game works perfectly even on high settings but now every time i try to run the game it crashes. the game is throu steam so i load up steam then i luanch the game,the game loads i get to the...
  5. D

    Lost sound

    Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the right bit to post this in (mods please move as appropriate) I've just fitted a Liteon 20x DVD rewriter to my Packard Bell computer (which is about 5 years old and using XP Home). The DVD writer is working fine but for some reason I have lost all sound from...
  6. GreyCell1988

    Weird Music Problem

    Ok guys hi again, another day another problem haha! This ones a bit strange. Basically when i try to play any music in any media player, it wont work, BUT if i try to open it again a second time, it will play....its really weird and totally beyond my understanding, as well its plain stupid lol...
  7. L

    Computer is Freezing

    Hi, im new here and hope ive added this post in the correct section. Ive recently came back from holiday and im now getting problems with my computer. Whats happening is when im trying to run multiple programs im getting a strange click from the hard drive area and the certain program and...
  8. T

    No Sound

    Hi, up until a month ago i could get sound from my computer, then my speakers got thrown away by accident as they were very old. I recieved a pair of speakers (Dell Model A225) which has a green wire and a USB plug. These do not work and i have tried umpteen times to find a driver from them on...
  9. R

    No Sound on Certain Internet Sites

    Hi, I'm not getting sound when I'm using sites like you tube, picture is fine but no sound. When I visit real player homepage sound and picture are fine, also when i play music or dvd's work OK too. My pc is a dell inspiron 531 with vista home premium. I've updated drivers an also rolled back...
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