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  1. J

    Left 4 Dead Problems

    hey ppl,hope every1 had a gr8 xmas. i got a small problem with left 4dead,installation went fine,the game works perfectly even on high settings but now every time i try to run the game it crashes. the game is throu steam so i load up steam then i luanch the game,the game loads i get to the...
  2. S

    Vista Boot. Help Plz

    Hi i have this problem and i can explain it below. Ok. My laptop is a hp Dv9628 Here is what happens: Step 1: HP SCREEN(PRESS F10 FOR BIOS ETC.) Step 2: windows loading bar loads. Step 3: Vista Startup Flash plays Step 4:welcome screen shows Here is were the problem lies. Screen goes black...
  3. DSTM

    Text Snowy.

    Hi Guys.This is the old PC. The text on the Monitor went Snowy.By that I mean white around the edges.It is a 19" LCD Flat Screen.Happened all of a sudden. Its a CHIMEI CMV936A. I Googled and can seem to find a help TUT to fine tune it. Just out of Warranty. Any help appreciated.:)
  4. Goku

    Problems Forwarding Email

    I received this email from a friend today. Having never used AIM myself, I found this problem is very peculiar indeed and I could not find a solution to it. Thought I would better leave it to the experts. Any suggestions on what he can try to resolve the problem? Thanks in advance. :)...
  5. DSTM

    Flash Issues

    When I click on the link here ,I get this.Any clues?Guys.
  6. Goku

    Monitor Issues

    I have a friend who is having some problems with his Graphics Card. Here is what his problem is like: Since I am no good with hardware issues, I know that asking you all be my best option. Any input is appreciated. :) -- Goku
  7. S

    Radio Just Randomly comes ON!!

    Hi guys please help - I Installed Vista Ultimate - and 2 weeks later - what seems to be american radio stations just randomly start blasting through my speakers for about 5 secs and then stops. Happens 2 times a day normaly and i'm really freaked out! :(:(:(:(:( - Tried Anti Virusing - ad aware...
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